Which one of the following sentences sound more natural when you want to invite someone or a group of people to ride bicycles together:

  • Let’s go cycling.
  • Let’s go biking.
  • Let’s go ride bicycles.
  • Let’s go ride bikes.

Based on my dictionaries, they all work for me, but I cannot understand if there is a regional preference in the AE or not.


As I understand them, there are some connotations that you might not know as a learner. I have provided pictures of what they could mean, without further context.

  1. Cycling. enter image description here

  2. Biking.
    enter image description here
    (Short for mountain biking.) I think there is also the possibility of understanding biking to mean riding motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson types.

  3. Ride bicycles.
    enter image description here
    This is what I personally imagine: casual, roadside riding.

  4. Ride bikes. Often means 3, but can also mean motorcycle riding.
    enter image description here
    (Motorcycles are sometimes called bikes.)

Now 1-4 are what I imagine without context. I suspect you mean something along the lines of 3. So if your audience expects bike-riding, like in 3, then I believe using "Let’s go biking/ride bicycles/ride bikes." should all work fine.

I think I would personally say "Let's go bike-riding." Again, it could mean motorcycle, but if your audience expects something like 3, then it should work fine. Bicycle-riding works too.

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