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"than I" vs. "than me" [duplicate]

Between you and me Suhani is intelligent. Neither he nor his brother can walk faster than me. Whom did you mean to hurt by your unkind remarks except Sita and me? In these sentence book uses me (...
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Tom is taller than I? [duplicate]

In this question, in one of the comment threads the following was stated Tom is taller than me" or "Tom is taller than I am" — both are correct. "Tom is taller than I" is WRONG` (link) Which I'...
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Someone has more "than me" or "than I"? [duplicate]

Example: He has better dance moves than I/me. This I/me stuff is sometimes pretty confusing... :( I think I would say "I" because you could say "He has better dance moves than I have". But I'm not ...
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You're stronger than I am vs You're stronger than me [duplicate]

Those things are correct gramatically? What's the difference? My girlfriend and I went to the beach and I threw her in the water and she said "You're stronger than I am." I think that "You're ...
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Why should the word "I" be replaced with "me" in this sentence? [duplicate]

Question is Identify grammatical errors in this sentence. Sentence: Though I am elder than my Brother by five years, he is more successful in life than me. My Lecture told me word than should ...
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Is it wrong to say "You are smarter than me"?

You are smarter than me. You are smarter than I am. Is there any difference between these two? One of my friends told me first sentence is wrong, but the second one is correct. But he could not ...
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"than her" versus "than she"

It is a well known fact that Alex is more soft-spoken than (she/her). Why would "her" be wrong? Why must the sentence end with "she"?
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"more depressed than her/she"

Please explain the error in the following: He looks more depressed than her but I don't know the reason. Is there any error in it? My book says her should be replaced by she. This confuses me ...
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"Better than I" or "better than I am"?

I am confused, when to put helping verb at end and when to omit it. She is more beautiful than I. She is more beautiful than I am. I am better adapted to the environment than you. I am better adapted ...
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Yours or you... which pronoun should be used here? [duplicate]

"Happiness is.. Having friends with the same mental disorders as yours." I was just wondering if this sentace is grammatical or should it be "you" at the end? Either way; it's very funny! Thanks
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Grammar Using I

I’m trying to find out which of the two are correct…”Turns out she’s crazier than me.” Or “Turns out she’s crazier than I.” I know it may seem silly to many people but I’m curious which is the proper ...
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Adverb clause of comparision

example1: “He is wiser that I” example2: “He is wiser than me”. I know example1 is correct and example2 is grammatically wrong. But please check the below conditions Sentence1: “I found her ...
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