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'Country have' vs 'country has' [duplicate]

1) Australia has won the World Cup Cricket. 2) Australia have won the World Cup Cricket. Which sentence is correct? Also, I would like to know more contexts where 'country has' and 'country have'...
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India do or does? [duplicate]

In pics: India celebrates Rakhi with fervour Or In pics: India celebrate Rakhi with fervour which is correct?
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country name [plural or singular] [duplicate]

I saw this news headline: Japan defeat Scotland to progress to RWC Quarter Final Can country names be treated as plural nouns? This dictionary says it is a singular noun.
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Use of "There is" or "there are" [duplicate]

There is or there are family ? I am confused, because the family consists of several people in it.
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When referring to a large entity (such as an organisation), do we use singular or plural? [duplicate]

Microsoft are forcing people to switch to Windows 11, or Microsoft is forcing people to switch to Windows 11?
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Is "people" a countable or a non-countable noun?

I saw these sentences on the Internet: There are three people here. A few people didn't enjoy the play. Now I'm not sure whether people and other collective nouns like team, family and police are ...
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"A variety" singular or plural

A variety of pleasant items in the shop attract [plural] everybody. A variety of animals are kept at the zoo. A wide variety of dishes is essential for a successful restaurant. A variety/range ...
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My family ( is / are ) all doctors

I understand that "family" is usually followed by a singular verb in American English, but how about the sentence in the title? Is it ok to say "My family is all doctors." in AE?
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The school are or the school is?

I have just read a report and the following phrasing is giving me difficulty. The School are experiencing water penetration problems... I feel as though it should be 'is' but I can also see why 'are'...
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Uncountable nouns taking singular verbs when they are used as a body or a group

1) The team is at the top in this competition. 2) The team are full of high spirits. There are certain nouns which take singular verbs when referred as a group or body. A team is probably never ...
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Collective Nouns and their possessive pronouns

The crowd is clapping their hands. The crowd are clapping their hands. The crowd is clapping its hands. Which one of the above is a correct sentence? The word 'crowd', being a collective noun, can ...
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Do finite verbs *usually* or *always* agree with their subjects?

Which affirmation is correct? A finite verb usually agrees with its subject. A finite verb always agrees with its subject. Can we talk of a verb disagreement in English?
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