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It (is) sold for [duplicate]

I google sold for and see various interpretations. Chicago Office Tower to Be Sold for Record $850 Million First Wolverine Comic Art Is Sold for Nearly $660,000 Babe Ruth's watch sells for $650,108 ...
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Meaning of zero article in headlines: "Man has serious injuries after being rescued" [duplicate]

Man has serious injuries after being rescued from a "deep hole". This is a headline in a newspaper and I am wondering why there is no article before "Man". Why it is not "A man" as the sentence ...
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After being struck and dies vs died [duplicate]

Here are some sentences about 'after being' Schoolgirl awarded €20,000 after being locked in classroom.
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Article title without the definite article before the word best [duplicate]

I have learned that before phrases like the best, the latest, the smallest, etc, I have to use the definite article because the best is only one thing. Is this title of an article correct? ...
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"Norway to ban full-face veil in nurseries, schools and universities" - is this correct? [duplicate]

Some minutes ago, I've seen news (here on BBC) where the title is: "Norway to ban full-face veil in nurseries, schools and universities" I understand that the meaning is "> "Norway is going to ...
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"Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies aged 91" - why Present Simple Tense? [duplicate]

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies aged 91 Company says man who founded firm in 1943 aged 17 died peacefully at home in Sweden Please say why in the title it is said in Present Simple Tense "...
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what is the "ordered" of "De Lima ordered arrested by RTC" in news headline [duplicate]

De Lima ordered arrested by RTC link From this answer I somewhat understand of Headlinese. However, I still don't understand ordered. I mean, I can understand was is omitted in following sentence. ...
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Lack of indefinite articles on webpages [duplicate]

According to the tab on the right I can ask question. But we would never say that. I can ask a question. However, question is neither an an abstract nor uncountable noun. I also noticed the same ...
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Present Tense In News Titles [duplicate]

Why news titles use the Present Indefinite for the events that have already happened? Here is an example (sorry, it was the one that attracted my attention): Windsor-area mom dies of flesh-eating ...
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Active VS passive voice

I am a learner of English and have been learning it naturally for a few months. I get confused, when I read something which does not make sense to me. Please check below sentences to understand what I ...
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Manassas Ends Hope for a Short War

Manassas Ends Hope for a Short War (VOA Learning English) What does ‘Ends’ mean? It seems not ‘Manassas Ends’ is a proper name. I guess it would rather be meaning: ‘the last part of Manassas.’ But ...
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Meaning of "somebody/something to verb"

I saw an article starts with: "A company to launch a new product", in a news paper. I just wonder what does it mean? Is it a kind of usage of near future? (e.g. is to do something)
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Usage and meaning of "to" before a verb [duplicate]

Theresa May to press Trump at G7 to reverse metal tariffs . Link to this news was Here The first "to" is vague for me but second "to" would mean "in the means of". So, I would be glad for some help !...
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What does the 'to' mean when the word is used in the newspaper? [duplicate]

I saw the sentence like 'The president to agree with the opinion.'in the news paper. I can understand the meaning of the 'to' in the sentence. Maybe I think that 'to' means 'will'. Am I right? If I am ...
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Is "All rights reserved" correct?

I think it is wrong because it should be in passive voice, so "All rights are reserved" is correct. Is it that people are too lazy to make a change even they realize there is a mistake?
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