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(The?) Lions in the zoo are very aggressive [duplicate]

We use a plural count noun with no article if we mean all or any of that thing. For example: Lions are very aggressive. I don't like lions. We only use the with general ...
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the elephant and elephant - proper and common noun? [duplicate]

"I saw the elephant at the zoo." "I saw elephants at the zoo." In sentence 1, is the word the elephant denote a proper noun and in sentence 2, is elephants denoting common noun? Note: Please visit ...
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Article before a plural [duplicate]

I found a sentence on an English grammar book. I am confused why an article is used before a plural. Each of the following sentences is preceded by a bare infinitive.
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Usage of "the" in "the meek and humble" [duplicate]

Which one is grammatically correct sentence? According to the Bible it is meek and humble who shall inherit the earth. According to the Bible it is the meek and humble who shall inherit the earth.
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Why are articles used differently with words like 'evening', 'morning', etc.? [duplicate]

Usually, 'the' is used when talking about something specific. Not in these cases I watched TV in the evening. means evening in general, not some specific evening necessarily. We had a barbecue on ...
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Why did they use the definite article in "the basketball court"? [duplicate]

I was reading an article about Usain Bolt on CNN's website and there is this sentence. With his height and weight, the world record holder would not look out of place on the basketball court. Why ...
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Why do we need 'the' in front of the grammar word? [duplicate]

the indefinite article the gerund the past participle I've always thought that 'the' is placed when you're talking about something specific. But I see people usually say with 'the' even ...
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Article “The” for general statement [duplicate]

I am confused why we always use article The even though it is general. For example 1) He can master THE English language (even general statement) 2) The goverment can impose THE goods and services ...
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Every noun is unique? [duplicate]

Can we use the definite article the before every noun before defining as the noun will be unique like "The cow is a useful animal" etc instead of "A cow is a useful animal" ...
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Use of "the" - I think [the] tiger is one of the most impressive creatures [duplicate]

I think the tiger is one of the most impressive creatures. I read this sentence here and wondering why "the" is used in the sentence. I think it is not any of these situations. I don't think the ...
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"Wow, what a car!" - Is it okay if I say 'Wow, what the car!"

I have been struggling with articles for quite a long time. Most of the times, I understand but then the more I understand them, the more it's getting perplexed! For this particular question, I'm ...
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Why is "a road" incorrect in this test?

I apparently made a mistake in this text:, where you have to fill in "a", "an" or "the" in the blanks. The relevant parts are: Looking out ...
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Why do we not use the definite article in "Where can I find the room 401?"

Last week in college, a student [with a thick South Asian accent] asked me: "Excuse me, where can I find the room 401?". I realized that to my native English ears, the word "the" sounded non-...
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Why is the article "the" used in "He invented THE slide rule"?

Why is there "the" in the following sentence? He invented THE slide rule. They are not talking about a specific common noun. (Like in: There is only one blue car in the parking lot. Where is ...
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Why is the definite article used in "I live in the city"?

Where do you live? -- I live in the city. THE is used when talking about something which is already known to the listener or which has been previously mentioned, introduced, or discussed. But, the ...
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