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Why is it "the North Island" and not "North Island" in New Zealand? [duplicate]

New Zealand has a North and a South Island. These seem to be their names, as they are capitalized even on Wikipedia. I am pretty sure it should be "we go to the North Island", and not "...
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“I like the USA” or “I like USA”? [duplicate]

Use the if the country’s name includes a common noun. I know that we have to use "the" in front of some countries and USA is one of them. But it sounds odd to say "I like the USA". Please tell me ...
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When to use 'the' in front of a country? [duplicate]

Citizens of the Lithuania, sounds wrong. Citizens of the Russia too. However, citizens of the Ukraine, sounds right. Also of the United States (of America) as well as of the United Kingdom. What is ...
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"Made in USA" vs. "Made in the USA"

I browsed in a drug store and found some medical products had "Made in USA" on their labels, and some others had "Made in the USA". If both are correct and they mean the same thing, which one do you ...
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With which countries do we use 'The'? [duplicate]

If someone lives in USA he'd say, I live in the United States Of America. But if someone lives in India, he would not say, I live in the India. The better way seems to say, I live in India. ...
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Is ‘THE Ukraine' grammatical? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I come across this weird usage of the definite article with the word 'Ukraine'. Keep in mind, it's a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Is it grammatical, and what is the origin of this ...
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Why does United States gets article but not Japan? [duplicate]

Why does the name " United States " gets article? Like: He is from Japan He is from the United states But Japan doesn't get article. Why? Thanks
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Should "Roosevelt was re-elected the President" have "the" and "as"? [duplicate]

"Roosevelt was re-elected the President of the United States for the fourth time." I wonder why "the United States" should get rid of "the?" And is it necessary to add "as" behind "re-elected"?
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Do you put "The" for "UK"? [duplicate]

I am writing this sentence: I can put you in touch with a business owner in the UK I'm not sure if I should put "the" for UK or not Could you help please
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Using an article/omitting an article [duplicate]

"We got him," Belgian migration minister Theo Francken tweeted following the culmination of a four-month manhunt across Europe. Why there isn't definite article in front of Europe? For me it would ...
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The UK has approved a COVID vaccine [duplicate]

What does "The" emphasize in the phrase "The UK has approved a COVID vaccine"? It seems to mean that "UK has approved a COVID vaccine" is itself OK. I am not very sure. ...
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"the Auckland" or "Auckland" [duplicate]

Can you please let me know which of the following sentences is correct? 1 Because of this reason the Auckland is having greater productivity. 2 Because of this reason Auckland is having greater ...
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