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You are better than he. You are better than him [duplicate]

You are better than he. You are better than him. Which one is correct? According to my views, Both are correct. "HE"is correct according to examiners. Otherwise, both are correct in ...
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Than him or than he in this case? [duplicate]

The handsome young teacher fell into easy banter with his students, who were not much younger than he/him. Should this use "he" or "him"?
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"as rich as him", "as rich as he" or "as rich as he is"

1) I've never met a man as rich as him. 2) I've never met a man as rich as he. 3) I've never met a man as rich as he is. Which one of the above-mentioned is correct (in formal scenario) and ...
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Is it wrong to say "You are smarter than me"?

You are smarter than me. You are smarter than I am. Is there any difference between these two? One of my friends told me first sentence is wrong, but the second one is correct. But he could not ...
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“...than I am” vs. “...than me”

I read an English grammar article in which the author talked about the correct use of pronouns. He writes: If the extended sentence is “She’s more likely to ask him than I am,” in which the ...
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"than I" vs. "than me" [duplicate]

Between you and me Suhani is intelligent. Neither he nor his brother can walk faster than me. Whom did you mean to hurt by your unkind remarks except Sita and me? In these sentence book uses me (...
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Is "she was younger than he" a grammatically correct expression?

I am reading an e-book named In Cold Blood written by Truman Capote, in which I read a sentence as: ...the person he had wished to marry——the sister of a college classmate, a...girl named Bonnie ...
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"more depressed than her/she"

Please explain the error in the following: He looks more depressed than her but I don't know the reason. Is there any error in it? My book says her should be replaced by she. This confuses me ...
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Can he's always be used instead of he is? [duplicate]

The word he's is a contraction of the words he and is. If I want to use the contraction to say I'm a better driver than he is I should be able to say/write I'm a better driver than he's, but that ...
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'Other than she' v. 'other than her'

Let me ask another silly question. Does 'other than' take the subjective, or objective case, or does it depend? In short, is 'other than she/he etc.' grammatical (or can it be)?
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