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"That will be..." or "Which will be.."? [duplicate]

I'm writing a help document for an application and I'm unsure of the correct grammar for the following statement: A confirmation dialog will then appear showing the number of items that will be ...
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Using "which" instead of "that", one out of two : could a reader see this? [duplicate]

I am trying to write a scientific paper in English, with a colleague, but we can not agree on the usage of "which" with respect to "that": he systematically used "which" in place of "that"! When ...
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What is better "which" or "that"? [duplicate]

Well, I've had a doubt for use which and that. Tell me if these examples are correct: This is the hot dog which I made. This is the hot dog that I made. I'm finding the DVD which I lost. I'm finding ...
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That and which with plurals [duplicate]

Here is a sentence in which I've used 'that' and 'which' with plurals (apples) I have twenty apples which/that aren't mine. Is it equally correct in grammar to use "which are" and "that are" with ...
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That vs Which and comma usage in this sentence [duplicate]

A1. The dogs, which barked in the night-time, did not recognize the thief. A2. The dogs which barked in the night-time did not recognize the thief. B1. The dogs, that barked in the night-time, did not ...
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The usage of 'which' and 'that' [duplicate]

I learned that which and that are interchangeable; and I also learned that *which8 can be converted to and it. Then how about these sentences? In this chapter we presented a new context ...
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Is it a restrictive or non-restrictive clause? [duplicate]

I wrote this sentence In this paper, we aim to present an approach and a system to construct wrappers which are independent of the HTML structure of the page. I know the difference of "which" and "...
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Why does my teacher say I should use ‘which I bought’ instead of ‘that I bought’? [duplicate]

My new computer, that I bought last week, has already broken down. My teacher told me ‘that’ is wrong; it should be ‘which’ as it is an object. However, I don't understand why I can't use ‘that I ...
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Does which always need a comma? [duplicate]

I was taught that there is always a comma before "which." If a comma changed the intended meaning then we should use "that" instead. The resources, which you may find helpful, can ...
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pronoun: "that" vs "which" [duplicate]

This is the same book that I lost last year. This is the book which/that I lost last year. What is the difference b/w these sentences. Book says we can't use "which" in case of 1 sentence. why so?
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Relative pronoun "which" [duplicate]

The below sentence was taken from one of TOEIC questions. I chose "that"(relative pronoun), but the answer was "which". I understand if there is a comma after the word 'month', ...
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Why is "which" applicable here? [duplicate]

The sentence is below (standalone sentence, no context) Bears often hide themselves in places ____ hunters can't find. My teacher said the answer was "that/which". I feel totally OK with that, but ...
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That or which? Which pronoun to use for things? [duplicate]

For example: That book which is on the table is mine. That book that is on the table is my book. Are there any rules when to choose that or which?
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Difference in meaning : [duplicate]

These are a defining and a non-defining relative clause :- (A) He deleted the picture that upset me.  (B) He deleted the picture, which upset me. Could you please explain the difference ...
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When to use 'which' or 'in which' or 'that' (as relative pronouns)?

I am confused about when to use: 'which' vs 'in which' vs or 'that'? Would you please explain it as a writing rule? Here I have an example: Authors reported shortened growth period and slower ...
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