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"I have written a book" or "I wrote a book" in this sentence? [duplicate]

Past perfect vs Past simple problems always baffle me.. When I want to talk about my experience of writing a book and getting a revision on it in the past, should I use past perfect? or simple past? ...
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What is the difference? "had been" vs "was" [duplicate]

What is the difference between this sentences? I had said no, because I was in the middle of getting Windows NT shipped, and because Microsoft had been generous with stock options. I had ...
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Didn't vs hadn't [duplicate]

I am reading through a grammar book; it says: If the consultant _____ that we should hire more staff, Helen wouldn't be working here now. The possible answers are: A. didn't recommend B. doesn'...
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Past Perfect Tense or simple past tense for two past actions [duplicate]

Are the below sentence constructions are correct for past perfect tense? I am aware that past perfect tense is used to tell about past of past i.e. if there are two actions in the past and we want to ...
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Correct usage of "has been" and "had been" [duplicate]

I would like to know whether any of these sentences are correct: Yesterday, I found out that all the money I had in my bank account has been stolen from me. Yesterday, I found out that all ...
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"Had been on the phone" vs "Was on the phone" [duplicate]

"I had been on the phone with my sister when the bell rang." "I was on the phone with my sister when the bell rang." Do these two sentences have the same meaning?
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The last time we had been there, she (had) told me all about how much Jenny loved living in Paris. - Past perfect/simple past confusion [duplicate]

The last time Lara and I had been to Paris, Lara had told me all about how much you loved living in Paris. The last time Lara and I had been Paris, she told me all about how much you loved living in ...
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past perfect with before [duplicate]

From Intermediate Language Practice by Michael Vince The police suspected that Brian had broken the window at his house because he wanted to make them think that a burglar had stolen his valuable ...
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Past perfect tense [duplicate]

When she had entered the room, she found him laid on the floor with the box in his right hand. She had entered the room and found him laid on the floor with the box in his right hand. She entered the ...
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Why 'past perfect' is changed to simple past in this context? [duplicate]

He had served in the Army for ten years; then he retired and married. His children were now at school. As I know the past perfect is used for actions which happened before another action or time ...
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simple past vs past perfect [duplicate]

Scenario I sent my person to our client's site but the client's office was closed. Two days later he called me to enquire about the visit. Which tense should I use. Past perfect or simple past? ...
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What is the difference between past perfect and past simple [duplicate]

I have always been confused about when to use past simple and when to use past perfect These examples: Aren't they the ones who had come over for lunch? Aren't they the ones who came over for ...
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Buy action in the past need the past perfect or the present perfect? [duplicate]

I need to translate a sentence into English. This is my attempt: Thank's to my parents' help, Andrew has been able to buy a house. My question is: should i use "has been" as i did or "had ...
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When he was vs when he had been [duplicate]

The investigation uncovered that he had taken bribes when he was/had been governor of Maryland. So the question is: is it when he was or when he had been? I want to say "when he was" ...
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Correct use of simple past and past perfect [duplicate]

I received a call which was for my colleague. he was not at his seat at that time hence I told caller I will inform him about his call once he returned to his seat. How should I inform to my ...
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