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Year Old Or Years Old? [duplicate]

I am 27 years old I get along with my 28 year old brother / 28 years old brother. When should I use " year old" and "years old"?
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What is Correct? Year old or years old? [duplicate]

What do you guys think about it? "Ace Grit is a 16 years old Vestal boy" or "Ace Grit is a 16 year old Vestal boy"? "Ace Grit is 16 years old" or "Ace Grit is 16 year old"? Actually I still ...
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Describing a group of children - year or years, old or olds [duplicate]

Is this sentence correct if I describe a group of children? Children 6-7 years olds.
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when to remove the plural s [duplicate]

Since I was first learned English, I know that any number greater than 1 comes with s for plural (except for some exceptions like Mice and Feet). 6 Cars, 2 Trees, 3 Dogs, 9 Years So if someone ask me ...
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a group of ten-year-olds students [duplicate]

Can I say: "a group of ten-year-olds" or should I add the noun for example students "a group of ten-year-olds students"? Thank you in advance for your answer.
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Would you please help me with adjectives? [duplicate]

Could anybody possibly kindly explain me what is the difference between these?- in meaning. They are all 10 years old They are all ten-year-olds
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Would you help me with using combined adjectives and it's shortened of them? [duplicate]

They are 15-year-old girls They are 15-year-olds Are both of them the same and correct? if so, could anybody possibly kindly tell me when would you rather use which one?
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Years old vs. year old in a descriptive sentence [duplicate]

I need to describe that a product is suitable for specific ages. Which of the follwoing should I use? This product is suitable only for 7+ year old children This product is suitable only for 7+ years ...
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Shouldn't "five minute walk" be "five minutes walk" in this sentence?

Recently, while skimming through an article I came across a sentence which is as follows. The five minute walk will connect you with life. My rationale says it should have been "five minutes&...
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"A dreadful five minutes" - what about the article?

In a BBC One show Would I Lie To You the host says "Gary [...] has had to endure a dreadful five minutes." (video on Youtube). I'm curious about the indefinite article, since I've never seen it used ...
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What does "One and a half" take after it? A singular noun or plural?

I read it somewhere but forgot it. What does "One and a half" take after it? A singular noun or plural? Why? One and a half hour or hours? One and a half dollar or dollars? One and a half day ...
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What are the differences between "three years old", "three-year-old" & "3-yr-old"?

I'm not sure which of the following statements is most appropriate in case of a seedling: Three year old seedling Three-year-old seedling 3-yr-old seedling The third one seems to be a nice ...
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Mile or miles? Singular or plural?

Could you explain me please, why sometimes the word "mile" is used in singular, sometimes in plural, while in both cases it refers to several and not 1 mile. Example: They took part in a 26 mile ...
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