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"I would follow you if that is what you wanted" Why is "would" used here? [duplicate]

God knows that I would follow you if that is what you wanted. This is a quote from a song called "God knows" (from an anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Why is "would" is ...
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Is "would + present tense" bad grammar?

Is using "would + present tense" bad grammar? I said "Would it be alright if I go with you?" to a classmate and she replied with "Sure, it would be OK if you came with me." which threw me off a bit. ...
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Uncertain usage of "should" and construction of the verb

I am not quite sure whether in the following sentence the construction of the verbs and the rest of wording are correct: Should the construction of the University Hospital be completed, this would ...
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Conditional present or past

Which one is correct? What would happen if they stop paying you? What would happen if they stopped paying you? In what context we can use this? after an event happened or before that.
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Second conditional in future

I would like to use the second conditional to express something is unlikely to happen. The problem is this unlikely condition is about the future. Is it still ok to say: If I won the lottery next ...
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use of would for politeness ---subjunctive?

I was looking at some uses of would and found it frustrating. What was particularly hard for me to grasp was the use of would in affirmative sentences. Here are a few examples. You would have to ...
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What is the tense of "wasn't interrupted"

So I'm writing a book and English is not my native language. As I've gotten deeper into the writing process I noticed that I'm almost randomly choosing between past tenses without making much logic (...
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If + simple tense, would + bare infinitive (First conditional with would?)

In a reply to the comment below in this topic: difference between won't and wouldn't If you ask me nicely, I will/would come with you. why here both will and would are correct? The answer was: ...
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Which conditional rule fits the sentence?

The following is a conditional sentence from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: "His arm has grown long indeed," said Gimli, "if he can draw snow down from the north to trouble us here three ...
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Is "even if you didn't come to party tomorrow" wrong?

It wouldn't be a big deal, even if you didn't come to party tomorrow. As far as my knowledge goes I know, this is a conditional sentence and this conditional is used to talk about things that are ...
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Can anyone identify this conditional?

If you stop now, you would regret it. What kind of conditional is this? It's not present unreal, since that would require 'stopped'. But it's not listed under the mixed conditional either, on the ...
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Conditionals , What are the differences?

What is the difference between the two sentences: If I won the lottery, I'd buy a big house. If I had won the lottery, I'd have bought a big house. My guess is that the first sentence is mere ...
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What is the meaning of "would" and why the past tense is used in these examples?

Thank you for showing interest in this post. Please have a look at the would in the following excerpts from The Economist: Conveniently for politicians, some of the pain of high inflation would ...
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Conditional mixed vs past conditional [duplicate]

I would like to ask why in this youtube video at 2:30 time mark a girl says "If this were full, that would have been really badass". Instead of "If this had been full, that would have been really ...
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Though seems conditional Type 2, it is not fully compliant to Type 2. So, is such a Type 2 still acceptable: if+present, would

The following sentence is from a text in which someone is complaining about his brother who has not been interested in his elderly mother. (Here is the link:
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