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Are double negatives like 'he's never not been in the family' grammatically correct? [duplicate]

I'm asking this question because I was taught not to use double negatives, because they are ungrammatical and that people who use them sound uneducated. However, today here on this site I found an ...
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"I am not hungry no more." [duplicate]

If I wanted to say that I am not hungry I could leave out the "no more" so shouldn't the "no more" cancel out the "not hungry" to mean that you are hungry. However other examples, like "I don't love ...
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Is “a little party never killed nobody” correct? [duplicate]

Is this correct? It looks like double negation. I think that “little party killed nobody” or “little party never killed anybody” might be just a little bit better. This is a line from a song.
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Can it be a correct grammar? 'Don't go nowhere' [duplicate]

I heard it expressed on gotel radio station; "Don't go nowhere" can it be correct?
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Don't bring nothing vs Don't bring anything [duplicate]

My friend came to visit me and asked If I wanted something. I wanted to tell him to not bring anything. In this context what is the the right sentence to tell him among two of the following: a) Don'...
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There is[n't] nowhere I'd rather be than here with you [duplicate]

A. There isn't nowhere I'd rather be than here with you. B. There is nowhere I'd rather be than here with you. Elsewhere I have read that two negatives in English destroy one another, although they ...
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"Ain't no ",Is this not a double negation [duplicate]

I have heard this song ,"Ain't no party like a chipmunk party" ,there is a negation in the word Ain't itself, why we need to use no after that .Aren't those two negations cancelling out ?
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Why were some English phrases written in double negatives when the speaker actually wants to express a single negative? [duplicate]

For example, I just saw this phrase on social media: The way 2020 going, I ain't buyin' no PS5. I mean, in this instance, I can ultimately see that what the poster actually mean is that "I ain'...
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This doesn't seem to be a double negation, does it? [duplicate]

They walked past a mossy tree stump. Harry could hear running water; there must be a stream somewhere close by. There were still spots of unicorn blood here and there along the winding path. "...
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Why should already negative sentences have 'no' in them again ? [duplicate]

I encountered a couple of sentences, mostly in American movies, that I wondered why they have something I call ' Double negatives', for example: Don't go no further (why not Don't go further) We can'...
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Should I say "I don't know nothing" or "I know nothing"? [duplicate]

Which of the following is correct? "I don't know nothing" or "I know nothing"? The context: Question: Do you know who told him this thing? Answer: No, I don't know nothing ...
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Triple negation: What does "This ain't no place for no hero" mean?

What does "This ain't no place for no hero" mean? It's a phrase from the song "Short Change Hero", and while I think I understand it (This is not a place for people who are not ...
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Can we use two negative words in a sentence?

One told me that, we can not use two negative words in a sentence. For instance, as far as I know There is not any book here. is a true statement. It means There is no book here So please ...
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How should I interpret 'that' in this passage from 'Tom Tit Tot'?

If this girl can't spin five skeins, she will be killed by king. However, all of a sudden she heard a sort of a knocking low down on the door. She upped and oped it, and what should she see but a ...
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the meaning of "on context"

I often use "in this context" to refer to a situation where some expressions could be used. I found lots of people use the expression. I also found lots of people use "on context". I've gone through ...
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