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Questions tagged [abstract-nouns]

For questions about nouns that refer to something abstract, general, conceptual or otherwise intangible. For example, "kindness". The opposite of an abstract noun is a concrete noun.

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5 answers

Why many abstract nouns get an indefinite article while it's taught that abstract nouns shouldn't get it?

I was told that abstract nouns don't get articles. (You can see here for example). But I found many abstract nouns that get indefinite articles, such as: "of a truth", "of a size", "of a lifetime", "...
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2 answers

Concrete vs Abstract nouns

What is the difference between a material and a concrete noun?? Are 'Promise, truth, lie and comment' countable Abstract nouns?? What others examples can be given for the same.
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Are “shape” and “size” abstract nouns?

“Shape” in “the ball has a spherical shape” “Size” in “the ball has a big size” Are “shape” and “size” abstract nouns?
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Most college vs Most colleges

Most college provide services designed to help students. Most colleges provide services designed to help students. I think that 2 is correct. Grammarly also indicates that 2 is correct. However, ...
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