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An accent is a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class.

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What makes an Indian English accent hard to understand?

I have experience communicating with people from different nationalities and several have noted that Indian English accent is difficult to understand. Are there any suggestions on how a person with an ...
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Why is Christina Perri pronouncing "closer" as "cloSSer"?

In this song at 0:58, Christina Perri pronounced the word "closer" with an S sound: clo[s]er I have always pronounced and heard it with a Z sound. Is the pronunciation of "closer" ...
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What type of English uses the words/pronunciations "yer", "ter", "ernly", "der" and "don'"?

The words "yer", "ter", "ernly", "der" and so on, are they Irish? Also the way the contractions are contracted, "don't" to "don'". Hagrid ...
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How can I get rid of my Indian accent and sound more neutral/native

I have recently moved to Canada and I feel I often end up having to repeat myself because of my typical accent. I am attaching a link to a very short audio and would love to know what can I do to fix ...
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Is it 'an hotel' or 'a hotel' [duplicate]

In a book I saw this statement. Before words beginning with h and not accented on the first syllable, an is often used ; as, An historical , an hotel. I want to know whether h in hotel is ...
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Pronunciation of Either

I notices that some people will pronounce the word, "either" in one of two ways. The first one is accentuiating e and pronouncing the e like one would were they saying the word, "each". The other is ...
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