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Questions tagged [adjective-phrases]

for questions about a phrase including an adjective and its modifiers that acts as an adjective.

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He has been a victim of fraud

He has been a victim of fraud. He has been a victim of fraud on several occasions. He has been very helpful. He has been very helpful on several occasions. What is the difference between (1) and (...
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Which sentences are ok to use?

Which of the following makes sense to use : I feel fatigue. I feel fatigued. I perceive fatigue in your voice. I sense fatigue in your voice.
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"The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty." — "noun phrase + of + adjective phrase" is an unusual word order to me. How to parse it? (1) The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. "Noun phrase + of + noun phrase" is a typical construction. But "noun phrase + of + adjective phrase" is a very ...
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Can "as a tool" modify more than one verb?

Consider this example sentence: The thing was owned, carried, or used as a tool. (1) Does the "as a tool" act as an adjective for each verb? Rewritten: "The thing was owned (as a ...
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Is the prepositional phrase an adverbial or adjective phrase

In the sentence quoted below are the prepositions "for 2021" and "without latest software" acting as an adjective or adverb? "Fossil announces new smartwatches for 2021 ...
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Asking about phrase type

‎In a noun phrase “billions of dollars’ worth of satellites” Is “billions of dollars’ worth of” an adjective phrase that modifies ‘satellites’?
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Which is better in this context – AdjP or NP as a subject complement?

When I need to describe myself (for instance in a letter to a potential employer or the like), should I use a NP headed by "person" as a subject complement, or just an AdjP? That is, which ...
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reduction of an adjective clause that modifies a whole sentence to an adjective phrase

I know there’s a universal agreement that an adjective clause can be reduced to an adjective phrase. However, I’d like to know whether the same rule could apply to the informal use of an adjective ...
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sentence construction after preposition, such as "due to", "because of"

Are the following sentences wrong? When I read them, I can't sense any wrong and all the same. Would you mind explaining their reasons if a wrong exists? The official was on leave yesterday owing to ...
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Using adverbs or adjectives before "present participle adjectives"

I am not sure about the difference between using "ly-formed adverbs" and using "sole adjectives" before "present participle adjectives". I think in the first sentence "relentless" qualify "beating ...
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"other than" or "different from"?

Consider: There are three balls: one is 1kg, another is 3kg, and the other is 5kg. I am trying to describe the ball of 3kg in a complicated way as follows: I need one ball other than/different ...
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meaning of 'a theory of political human nature'

Which one is the meaning of 'a theory of political human nature'? a theory of the political nature of humans a theory of the nature of political humans I myself guess the first one is meant. The ...
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Spiritual invocation

The priest read spiritual invocation and blow over him to cure his disease. Does the Adj 'spiritual' go with the noun 'invocation' as far as sense is concerned? Here spiritual invocation means 'holy ...
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What constitutes an adjective phrase?

Participle phrase (which acts as an adjective ) prepositional phrase (which can be used as either an adverb phrase or an adjective phrase) Q : So adjective phrase is just a fancy name that can be ...
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