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For questions about the usage of the base form of a verb without using "to". For questions about the base form of a verb using "to", see "to-infinitives".

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all you need to do is figure out - if "figure out" is changed to "to figure out", how does the meaning change?

Like most programming problems, if you understand the logic behind what you’re trying to accomplish, all you need to do is figure out a way of representing that logic with programming code. So let’s ...
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makes the high cost of convenience "seem" - should it be "seems"

I had read a sentence in a magazine: Staying connected is what makes the high cost of convenience—an average of $3,300 a year for the Moore's plan—seem well worth it to them. Should "...
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'He does more than just "fool" or "fooling" around?'

I've just read another question, “more than pack” or “more than packing”, and it made me curious. The reason of my curiosity is that even though I prefer the phrase "... finds sugar does more than ...
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"I would rather did it myself" or "I would rather do it myself"?

Which of the following is the correct sentence: I would rather do it myself. I would rather did it myself. When I meant to say that I don't know how to do this work otherwise I am well ...
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When to omit "to" with infinitives

I want you to feel better I want you feel better That was the right thing to do That was the right thing do when somebody challenges you to dance when somebody challenges you dance I'm not ...
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