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A bare role noun phrase is a noun phrase that lacks a determiner which would normally be required, and that denotes some kind of role, office, or position. For example, compare "She became prime minister." to "He knew THE prime minister."

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Can a job title or position be used without an article?

Can someone's position in their workplace be used without an article in a subject complement (as if it were an adjective) and will there be no difference in meaning from when it was used with an ...
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Is any article needed before the word "interpreter" in the following sentence? [duplicate]

I have asked this question on too, but didn't get any answers. English is not my first language and I'm trying to get better at it therefore I can't give much input or put my "research" ...
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D.Trump was elected president or "a" president

Some of you told me that when we put an article before president (a), we are referring to a specific position, but when we don't put an article, that means we are referring to a general position. ...
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l am a young king, but l am king -- why no article in front of the second "king"? [duplicate]

From the movie The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) starring Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the role of the young King Louis XIV. d'Artagnan is responsible for security. Here's a short conversation between ...
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