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"used therein" vs "in use" vs "used" and "among" vs "between" [closed]

I want to use the following sentence: I already explained 10 algorithms. As a result, the only difference (between / among) the algorithms is the blah-blah-blah model (used / in use / used therein).
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"three cities that might, among them, contain no hospital"

Please take a look at the following sentence from an LSAT: if one of the cities contains exactly two hospitals and exactly one university, then which one of the following lists three cities that ...
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Between them vs Among them

Will you please explain the difference between 1.Between the students 2.amongst the students 3.Between them vs Among them As a non-native english person i didn't distinguish between above statements. ...
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How can I write a relationship among the objects in a sentence?

For instance, let’s say that I want to establish an association among 3 objects. In this case, let the objects be “Roses”, “Violets”, and ”Tulips”. Then, if I want to say, for example, that in my ...
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Among Vs between

I saw a sentence, "Between videos games, television, and the internet, kids these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to their entertainment". We can't use 'between' for more than two entities so ...
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the difference between A, B, C, and D - saying it concisely

I want to write this sentence in shorter form I want to see the differences between the decisions made in scenario A, the decisions made in scenario B, the decisions made in scenario C, the ...
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"A treaty was signed ......... three countries." 'Between' or 'among'?

Usage of between and among and their limitations
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Use of "among" and "between" [duplicate]

What I have learnt that we use "among" when we are talking about more than two, and "between" for two. But 1 Between the students in the class which is the best? 2 The U.N.O. insists on better ...
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In this context, can I use among?

The territorial dispute over South China Sea among China and its neighbors is being intensified with an increase in both a potential value of natural resources in the region and a strategic value of ...
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Between/Among and Which/Who

Between the students in the class which is the best? Is the above sentence correct grammatically? (My book says it is) I presume we are using 'Between' instead of 'Among' although the question ...
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Between or Among

Sentence A feasibility survey has now been completed in India to establish a network to felicitate contacts between small and medium enterprises. What is the right form? Between small ...
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Between vs. Among - "Difference [between | among] one thing and other things."

Consider the following two versions of a question:1 Version 1: What is the difference in meaning between "[to be] not invited" and similar negation forms? Version 2: What is the difference ...
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between vs among

__ English, Hindi & French, I like English the most. OALD definition of between doesn't list anything that would make me choose this word for this sentence. 3rd point of among lists that it's ...
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