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This tag is for questions about the usage of colons.

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Comma or colon or nothing

I am having a bit of trouble understanding when to use a colon, or not. I heard her whisper "I'm cold." I heard her whisper: "I'm cold." I think the first one is correct, but why?
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When to properly use colon?

Which of the following instructions is correct? Solve the following equations: 1-5 equations or Solve the following equations. 1-5 equations I'm not sure if I need to use a colon or just a ...
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Comma or colon?

Hello how can I determine if something is a paranthetical phrase? For example: That was a new consideration: whole-body ectothermy in a variety of bees. Is this correct? Or would a comma work ...
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Is "?:" still not a valid punctuation or has it come into use? What is the best replacement for this when the question is too long?

Is "?:" still not a valid punctuation, or has it come into use? is when the question is short. What is the best replacement for this when the ...
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