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A conjunction, preposition, phrase, or clause describing a state of affairs that might have been expected to rule out what is described in the main clause but in fact does not: "Although" in the sentence "Although they had been warned, they refused to take care" is a concessive conjunction.

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what does "in spite of free fall" mean?

Here is the sentence that confused me The work helped keep calcium in his bones in spite of free fall. It comes from I know, &...
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as good as he is at playing the guitar

a. As good as he is at playing the guitar, his brother is even better. b. As good as he is at playing the guitar, his brother is bad. Let us say we are talking about two brother who are musicians. In (...
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Words used to describe the process of redefining words abusively

What word can be used to describe the process of redefining words abusively, and the words so abusively defined or redefined. For instance, suppose something quite natural normally occurring as a ...
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I'm having trouble understanding a "fronted concessive clause"

Well-intentioned though many people may have imagined that the CIA probably thought they were, their foreign-policy operations were confused, duplicitous failures. I do understand the basic ...
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concessive clause with "as"

As shocking as Steven Avery’s case is to Netflix viewers, his wrongful imprisonment for 18 years is not an isolated incident in the troubled US criminal justice system. In my previous post "As ...
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Something is not what it seems at first sight

I want to write that though something seems to be a nonsense at first sight, it is generally not nonsense and means something. The first way to express my thoughts which came to my mind was something ...
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"Although" and "even though" in a single sentence

Can we use although and even though in a single sentence? For example: Although significant inroads have been made in recent decades, women continue to be underrepresented in fields related to ...
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When "as" and "though" are used to introduce concession clauses

When "as" is used to introduce a concession clause, the clause has be inverse. For example, "Young as he is, he is knowledgeable". I am wondering whether I can replace "though" with "as" in these ...
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