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should the first sentence still be inverted if it's a passive one in the structure Not only … but also?

As I've read in the Cambridge dictionary: To add emphasis, we can use not only at the beginning of a clause. When we do this, we invert the subject and the verb: Not only was it raining all day at ...
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Comma in “i.e. that”

Consider the sentence: We claim that these sets are disjoint, i.e., 𝑋ᵢ ∩ 𝑋ⱼ = ∅ for different 𝑖,𝑗 ⩾ 0. A proofreader (from whom I can no longer get an answer) changed it: We claim that these ...
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Run-on sentences as a result of not only X but also Y inversion?

I have a question regarding the usage of 'not only... but also'. Query #1: When does 'not only...(but) (also)' inversion result in a run-on sentence? I present two sample sentences below - to me, they ...
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Difference between Coordinating conjunction and correlative conjunction

What is the difference between coordinating conjunction and correlative conjunction? Because they both used to connect two parts of a sentence with equal value
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Comma before correlative conjunction not only ... but also

I'm doing an ACT practice problem, and I'm confused. In the sentence "Thousands of visitors from around the world travel to Siena during the summer, not only to witness the exciting race but also ...
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"His mother is both kind and intelligent." - Does it sound natural?

This is one of the exercises attached to a textbook: His mother is ____ kind ____ intelligent. A. more, than B. both, and The key is A, which sounds grammatical (though pretty rude), however is B ...
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"either" used with two "or's"

Is "either ... or ... or" used properly used in the following? When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, or let it destroy you, or you can let it ...
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How grammatical is "not only that, but there's more"?

A website lists some activities offered in a photography tour, then adds Not only that, but there's more. ... [S]unset and moon rise occur at the perfect time and will allow us to photograph New ...
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Although-Yet or comma

Although he achieved/ great success/ he couldn't win fame. This is an error detection question from last year exam. And answer is No Error. But neither comma(,) nor yet is used after success. eg: ...
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Is it a continuation of infinitive or the verb of subject?

He gives examples to illustrate his life with friends in the past and express his feelings about his life now. He gives examples to illustrate his life with friends in the past and expresses ...
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is the structure "Either ... or ... or" correct?

Is it grammatically possible to have the structure "either ... or ... or" in a sentence? For instance: The name can be experienced either visually or auditorily or tactilely. Putting aside the ...
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Question tag: Either you or he is mistaken, ____?

What is the appropriate tag to add to the end of the following statement? Either you or he is mistaken, ______ ? As is evident from the is, there are grounds for saying that the so-called proximity ...
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Neither he can eat nor sleep

it may not be a valid question but I wanna know that 'is the above mentioned sentence correct or incorrect'? Because as I was discussing this sentence with one of my friends, he told me that you ...
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be more (of) sth than sth

I am wondering what difference the preposition of makes in the following sentences: It was more of a holiday than a training exercise. It was more a worry than a pleasure. Is of optional? I'd ...
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balanced structure of correlative conjunction

I am doubtful to decide whether the follwing sentences will be in accordance with "the balanced rule" of correlative conjunction. 1.Either tell the truth or you will go to jall. 2.He not only ...
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Can you clear my this punctuation syntactical doubt?

Items to be worn at school: kind of White 'V' neck shirt with white flaps with house stripes, white socks, white hair band and white shoes, House colour scarf. I feel like the and should come ...
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They are the experts on '"whether" their lives are worth living'

I found the following sentence in The New York Times. When people are in possession of their mental faculties, they are the experts on whether their lives are worth living. (SOURCE) Now see the ...
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"Neither Mary nor John eat (eats?) beef" - singular or plural after 'neither .. nor'? [duplicate]

Neither Mary nor John eat beef. Neither Mary nor John eats beef. Which is grammatically correct?
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"as essential a part of the weekly shop"

To the Dutch, milk and cheese are staples, as essential a part of the weekly shop as rice is for a Chinese shopper or teabags are for an Englishman. This is a sentence from an article on CNN. I don't ...
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Sentence Transformation using "either ... or"

Don't drive if you are drunk. If not, face the consequences. Can I rewrite the given sentence by using " Either ... or " as: Either don't drive if you are drunk or face the consequences.
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I am neither robber nor police. Neither I am robber nor police

Which sentence should be correct? I am neither robber nor police. Neither I am robber nor police. I often saw ( neither....nor) is sometimes used in the middle of sentences and sometimes it is ...
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