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Could or could have

Can we use "could" and "could have" interchangeably in active voice?.. just like we can use "could be" and "could have been" interchangeably in passive voice... ...
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Modals of obligation occuring in the past

I made a question and now I'm confused which one is the correct form? She should've at least given me more information about our festival so I could be prepared for it better. She should've at least ...
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Can 'Could' be used instead of May/MIght?

Can I use Could instead of May/Might. e.g. That could be the reason. Is this sentence correct?
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How can you contract 'I could'?

Is it possible to contract 'I could'? Can 'I'd' be used for 'I could' like for 'I would'? Or, if 'I could' can't be contracted to 'I'd', can it be to 'I'c'd' (but it should be "I c'd" and ...
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Might or may for things that didn't happen

Collins dictionary says you can only use might or could in this situation- when something didn't happen but you think it could have. So, sentence 1 is right and sentence 2 is wrong. `If he hadn't ...
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