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Is 'push' used as a ditransitive verb in this context?

This is the transcript of a podcast. CHERKIN: Then I tell parents use that account for yourself for a week or more. Then decide - is this the product or an app that I want my kid using? DOUCLEFF: She ...
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Grammaticality of "a list is added an Item"?

Using the word given as a past participle in the following sentence is, presumably, correct: A person is given a gift Can we use the past participle form of the word added in the same way in the ...
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Why doesn’t a verb’s indirect object have a preposition (like "to") before it?

I don’t understand the grammatical rules behind this sentence: It is not showing us the question. I need to represent it like this: It is not showing the question to us. Lexico doesn't have ...
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"My friend gave me this book", what is the passive voice?

What is the passive voice of the following sentence? My friend gave me this book. Is it: I was given this book by my friend. or This book was given to me by my friend.
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Relative pronoun "whom" used as an indirect object of a verb with two objects

We have verbs in English with 2 objects, such as "send," "ask," "give," etc.. For instance, we can say: I gave the book to John. or I gave John the book. In both of these sentences,...
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Question concerning a prepositional phrase

In the prepositional phrase : "Who did you give your number to?" Is the TO at the end of the sentence absolutely necessary?
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Is the preposition necessary in this sentence? What is the reason why we should use preposition?

When we make passive voice of 'I gave him an apple.', should we use preposition 'to' like 'an apple was given to him by me.' If we should, why?
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