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Names for people belonging to certain demographics: "British" for someone from Great Britain, for example.

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Michael is a New Zealander or Michael is New Zealander? Article before nationalities?

Do I have to say "Michael is a New Zealander" or can I leave out the indefinite article "a"?
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15 votes
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"They are Australian" vs "They are Australians"

On the very first page of "Essential Grammar in Use" book of R.Murphy. He wrote Those people aren't English. They're Australian. My question are Is this sentence grammatically correct? What is ...
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How do I refer to the people living in the particular city? Is it random always?

Where do demonyms come from? At times they take -ite, some times -an, -er and this one is jaw-dropping '-siders!' A person living in New York is a New Yorker (-er) A person living in Delhi is ...
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