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for questions about verbs which takes a subject and two objects. Some examples of ditransitive verbs are 'tell', 'explain', and 'give'. There are many others, including transitive verbs which can also be ditransitive, like 'read' or 'bake'. For example "Joe read her the news article." and "She gave me the book."

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Does "switch me chairs" mean "switch chairs for me"? [closed]

Eminem — The Real Slim Shady: So you can sit me here next to Britney Spears? Yo, shit, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs (1a) Switch me chairs. As I understand, "to switch someone ...
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The verb "need" can't have two objects... But what about "I need + myself + a brand new meaning"?

Limp Bizkit - My Own Cobain: I can't believe it's over I can't believe I'm broken Would someone tell me that it's all just dreaming I need myself a brand new meaning (1) I need myself a brand new ...
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The verb "see" can be ditransitive? [closed]

I can't find ditransitive see on dictionaries and websites. However, GPT chat answers see can be ditransitive with the examples below. I saw him the movie. She saw her friends some great views during ...
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what is the difference of the meanings?

Could you tell me the difference between the two below? I wish I had asked him his phone number. I wish I had listened to him his phone number.
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Global supply chains became seized up

This is a sentence from an APNews article. Global supply chains became seized up. I think the part in bold should be 'seized up' because 'seize up' is not a transitive verb. Am I wrong?
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Are these sentences the examples of Transitive, Ditransitive and Complex Transitives Verbs?

He goes to school or he goto school?
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What is the object in "They want us to help."?

Quirk's CGEL (p.1171) classifies "B8 They want us to help." under Type SVO (To-infinitive+S as O), where "us" is supposed to be the semantic subject of the verb "help." ...
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Which verbs call for "to" and which don't?

What is the rule which explains the next differences: I offer (without "to") somebody to do something I promise (without "to") somebody to do something Yet, we'll say: I'm ...
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"Give me it" is considered a mistake?

I usually say 'Give it to me please'. But I've heard a non English speaker mom who said to her baby girl 'Give me it'. Is it considered natural or it's a mistake?
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Is "forgive" di-transitive?

I know that I can say We would forgive the mistake (that) he has made. I am wondering if I can reword this into We would forgive him the mistake (that) he has made. I have seen a few of such ...
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Phrasal verbs confusion

I saw the following sentences on the cambridge online site.I made some changes and I want to know if they are applicable ? 1- They are digging up the potatoes. (Original) 2- A detective to dig up ...
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grammars on "shoot me an email" vs "shoot me with an email"

According to several online pages, there are different grammatical interpretations of the structure of the phrase - shoot someone an email. To complicate it further, I've seen online a similar phrase "...
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Can "a gerund noun phrase" be used as a secondary verb of the verb "save"?

Jesus saves sinners going to hell I think here "save" seems used as a ditransitive verb taking two objects "sinners" and "going to hell", so this sentence can be transformed into "Jesus saves going ...
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The exact meaning of 'Mom made me a sandwich'

Mom made me a sandwich. Does this necessarily include the meaning that Mom made the sandwich available to me? Or does this only mean that Mom made the sandwich, leaving it to context whether or not ...
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"He borrowed me some money."; right or wrong?

Can we use borrow as I have in the above sentence in a sense like; He borrowed (from someone for) me some money. I wonder if there was a better way of expressing the idea that I am meant to. ...
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"Tom played Mary a joke." is not natural? [closed]

I think "Tom played Mary a joke." is not natural and "Tom played a joke on Mary." is natural. What is your opinion?
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Verbs with two objects

Some verbs are used with two objects (indirect-; somebody, direct-object; something). e.g. I gave him a watch for his birthday. Could you send me the report? I will lend you some money. She ...
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The preposition "to" after the verb "write"

Raymond Murphy says to use the preposition "to" after the verb "write" (write a letter to somebody), but the famous song contains following words: I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter. ...
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When do we use tell+infinitive with to ? (Not tell + object + to)

I'm looking for an example of using 'tell + infinitive with to'. My book said 'tell' can be used with infinitive to, but didn't give me an example. I think that it generally comes 'tell+object+...
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Can I rephrase the sentence "Can you explain this word to me?" into "Can you explain me this word."

Can you explain this word to me? Can I rephrase it as Can you explain me this word?
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Can infinitives be used as the direct object after ditransitives?

Can infinitives function as the direct object after ditransitives? Please give me some examples. Their fathers advise them to study. They asked me to bring some food. Could you ask her ...
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