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each (of them) have vs has

I am wondering if the following sentence is correct. There are 200 individuals who each have two alleles at single nucleotide site of interest. In my opinion, have should be changed to has. Is it ...
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each half or every half?

If I want to tell that during football game there was 5 minutes of additionls time in first half and sam in second half which of the following sentences would be correct and why? "5 minutes of ...
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Is every + leg correct?

Some books I have read explains that "every" isn't used for two things or people. One of the examples I took from Oxford Grammar: She can write with each hand (but not ... every hand). I ...
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‘We didn’t get ten points each.’

I got ten points, but you didn’t get ten points. In this case, can I use sentence ‘we didn’t get ten points each’? Or does it mean both of us didn’t get ten points?
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Can we say we are an adult each?

“We have a car” can mean we have a car each. It makes me wonder if I can also apply “each” to a noun complement of a copular verb. So, can we say “we are an adult each”?
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“The lengths of two lines are 4 meters each.” [closed]

The lengths of two lines are 4 meters each. Each length of two lines is 4 meters Do two sentences mean the same?
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Using ‘each’ in a correct way

I gave children one toy I gave children one toy each I gave each child one toy Do all of sentences above make the same sense?
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‘There are two bedrooms in each house’

If one has two bedrooms and the other has two bedrooms, isn’t ‘there are two bedrooms in each house’ valid? I see someone said there are two bedrooms in each house even though one has one bedroom and ...
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write a short speech on each one or ..... every one?

From a multiple choice question: You should prepare a list of topics and write a short speech on ____ one. The correct one is each. But I am wondering why every can't be working here?
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