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What's the main difference of either and neither?

One of my friends told me about the "either" usage: Let's say you hate food A, and you hate food B. You go to a restaurant and are asked, "Would you like A or B?" The natural ...
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What could this statement mean? " I don't want either. "

Does it mean I don't want (also) ? Or I don't want one of these two options or choices? If either is pronoun, it must implies that there's a choice between two things. If it's an adverb, I think the ...
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either of us -- does it mean "any of us"? Also, can *either* allow for the scenario where we have "everyone of us", so more than one person?

The Uncomfortable Rule says that if either of us is uncomfortable with something that is happening, we need to share it within 24 to 48 hours, or we won’t share it either of us -- does it mean "...
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How do I treat the second part of "have either no" construction?

Consider the following sentence structure: If {some subject} has either no {one thing} or {another thing} then ... Does the no part of has either no apply to the {another thing} here? I.e. does it ...
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'Both' in a negative sentence

I read here: We don’t use both with a negative verb; we use either instead: So which one of the following sentences is correct? *A. You ...
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Word usage: "either" or both? [closed]

Consider the following usages: Either the book and the pen are neither in the pocket nor in the backpack of either Sally or Peter. Both the book and the pen are neither in the pocket nor in the ...
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"Either": unexceptionable even when it applies to more than two clauses

Used before the first of two or more coordinates or clauses linked by or: no paraphrase with any is available. WHETHER (conj.) 3. Either: He passed ...
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"Can I use either of them" or "Can I use both of them"?

Let's say, in a question on this site, I am giving you two sentences which I think probably carry the same meaning and I want to ask you if I can use either of them interchangeably. I feel like if I ...
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"meaningless for both of us" vs. "meaningless for either of us"

I wonder if I should rephrase the sentence "These efforts are not meaningful for either of us" into 1) "These efforts are meaningless for either of us" or 2) "These efforts are meaningless for ...
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Should the adverb 'either' go before or after the verb in this sentence?

My friends. I wonder. You can either pay by cash or use a credit card. You can pay either by cash or use a credit card. Which one is true? Thanks.
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Neither did Neither she nor he

We can say: I didn't do it Some other guy can say: Neither did I And we get such a scheme of such negation: "Neither" + "auxiliary verb" + noun But what if to complex it a little: We ...
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Using "whether .. or" in negated sentence

I have a sentence like this: .. and have no students whether from the same city or others at all Is it correct? Or would using neither as below seems better: .. and have no students neither ...
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Can we say positive verbs + neither?

I ask my question by the following example: A: Would you like tea or coffee? B: I don't want either. Can we say the following instead of the above one?: A: Would you like tea or coffee? B: I ...
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Do/does - what to use with either?

If you and two other people were in a room, and you needed to ask them for water, would you say to them "Do either of you have water?", or "does either of you have water?"?
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Not expect any result OR results?

Which one is correct plural or singular for result in negative sentence? He did not expect any result. or He did not expect any results.
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"Either" vs. "any" usage

Which of the two is correct? I went to see two films today but did not like any. I went to see two films today but did not like either.
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Should I use "either way" or "in any case" in the following case?

The only thing we had to worry about was whether she would receive us or slam the door in our faces. In any case, we had to go; we had to find out who killed Richard. The only thing we had to worry ...
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