Questions tagged [experiential-have]

This tag is used for questions about such structure as [have + noun/NP + verb/compliment] in a way that talks about how the subject of the sentence experiences what is described in the have phrase. Note: please be careful with using this tag. Do not use it if you are asking about "have to" expressing necessity or will. Also do not use it if you are asking about caustive have.

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have someone come or coming?

In the following, should "come" or "coming" be used? If only "come" is correct, why? The first sentence comes from a news story relating to the oldest dog in the world. ...
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How to use commas in these types of sentences? How to use the verb have in this type of sentence?

Here is a sentence: In addition, the university's culture, and the strong emphasis on, and a long track record of research strongly speak to me. I am rather confused if there should be a comma ...
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to have + someone + verb form

I've heard the following in the news: "They are working with the church community, which has one of its congregation test positive." 1- What is this “have + infinitive” form called ? (I ...
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"sprained his ankle" vs. "had his ankle sprained"

What's the difference between the following? John sprained his ankle while walking downstairs. John had his ankle sprained while walking downstairs.
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We usually have my mother (to) stay over Christmas

We usually have my mother (to) stay over Christmas What differences in meaning or otherwise are due to the insertion of TO ? OED HAVE (vb) :
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Have + object + past participle vs Have + object + bare infinitive

1). Cambridge dictionary link and Some of my friends are saying have + object + bare infinitive is used to talk about an experience We had a strange woman come to the door selling pictures. 2). ...
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Would have had problem

Doctor informed the court on Monday that it had terminated the over 22-week pregnancy of a minor rape survivor as continuing with it would have had severe impact on girl's physical and mental health. ...
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Best way to say the car was washed (exam question) [closed]

Only one is correct. Explain per item your choice and others alternatives are not correct. Please consider grammar concepts. Which of the alternatives is grammatically correct? A) Joshua had had ...
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How to understand "I had two try"

"You're not the first one who's had trouble with money," said Mr. Roberts, scrutinizing Mr. Weasley closely. "I had two try and pay me with great gold coins the size of hubcaps ten ...
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That was a mistake what made him famous/ what have made him famous..wich one i should use? [closed]

We have to write an interview from english and I'm not sure wich one should I use?..or if it's there even a differences between them?
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have somebody doing

Please take a look at the sentence below: You know how we have those clients visiting at work next week? I learned 'have somebody v-ing' sometimes means that 'to get someone to do something'. ...
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