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Questions tagged [false-friend]

A False Friend, also know as False Cognate, is a word that, in one language, sounds (and may even be spelled) the same as a word from another language, but actually has a different meaning.

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Am I right to believe that this sentence is a complete mess. (And why?) [closed]

tl;dr: Can you confirm the text below is a total shitshow: You will be responsible for all international groups coming to Sydney and to create an excellent welcoming attitude through Syntex ...
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Is "atestat" a synonym for "certificate"?

I would like to know whether the word "atestat" exists in the English language or if it is just a bad usage from speakers in my country due to the similarity with a word in our native language. It is ...
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Can "being attend to" be expressed as "in attendance"?

EDIT: I structured my question around the misconceived assumption that "requests" could be "attended to", whereas what I meant translates to requests being processed. In Portuguese, when someone or ...
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Can we use the word "sportsman" to refer to a person who engages in sport activities? Sportsman vs. Athlete

I came across this discussion on a translators' forum, and some people there say that Uh uh, NEVER use sportsman to mean athlete. Messi and Mayweather are athletes, not sportsmen. ) and A ...
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English equivalent of French "quiproquo" (bis)

This question is related to this one and this other one, both regarding the same matter but from distinct points of view. After reading the above posts I remained unsatisfied because of what I see ...
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Verb to express a user uploading a request for a "necessity"

I'm working on a system where the users can add necessities, for example, the necessity of a professional to provide some service that is needed for the treatment of a patient (e.g.: a dermatologist)....
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which sentence is correct? [closed]

I was taking an English test, and I needed to find which of the following sentences is correct. However, I couldn't recognize any mistake. To me,all of them are correct. Could you help me to find the ...
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Meanings of "to find out"

In Germany, a shop made commercials with the slogan "Come in and found out." There were many jokes about the meaning of the slogan in Germany. Often it was interpreted as Komm rein und finde wieder ...
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