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frequency - questions about the frequency of a letter, a word, a pronunciation, or other things in English.

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How common is the verb "wear down" and what proficiency level does it correspond to?

I would like to know how common the phrasal verb "wear somebody down" is in English. Additionally, I'm curious about the proficiency level at which it is usually taught or considered ...
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"on Friday" Or "on Fridays" with a frequency adverb

Ive seen both plural and singular period nouns with frequency adverbs, but which one is correct? I usually watch a series on Friday. I usually watch a series on Fridays. Or maybe neither is wrong? ...
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"starting on a good foot" or "footing"?

I've often heard the expression "starting sth on a good footing". But googling around it seems that "starting on a good foot" is much more common, Ludwig doesn't even have an ...
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‘A person should operate a machine three times’

Person A should operate machine A in the morning. Person B should operate machine B in the afternoon. Person C should operate machine C at night. They shouldn’t operate a machine together. Somebody ...
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Is it common to call the question mark and the exclamation mark “query” and “bang”?

According to various dictionaries, “query” is a synonym for “question mark”, and “bang” is a synonym for “exclamation mark”. I’m wondering how common these shorter forms are. I’m a French speaker, and ...
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Adverb of frequncy, word order question

I’m an English teacher of young learners. I ‘ve got a question about a sentence from an online present simple exercise: Here is the example: (she / dance often)? That's the correct answer given by the ...
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How often do native speakers use the word "to scathe"? Is it OK if I use it instead of "to injure"?

The word "to scathe" is the synonym of the word "to harm" or "to injure". However, I have never noticed how somebody uses it. Is it OK to occasionally use it instead of &...
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Which of the following verbs are the most common regarding to meetings?

Which of the following verbs are the most common when talking about meetings? Scenario 1: I should say to my friends that we should _______ meeting after a long time that we didn't see each other. ...
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What is the frequency of the pronunciation of the letter C variations?

For the letter C there are 5 options for pronunciation: we can pronounce it as S, Z, or K, SH, CH. (we have also words that we don't pronounce the letter C at all). Then my question is: Which ...
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Is there any free word-frequency dictionary?

Sometimes, despite I can see the meaning of a word in a dictionary, I don't know which variation of a word has the most application? For example, I find the word loathed in a text and I find it in an ...
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Clear the exam - is there any difference from 'pass the exam'

I've just came across the collocation 'clear the exam'. Even though I do understand the meaning from the context, I could not find this phrase in Longman dictionary, and when googled the search ...
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Frequency of tenses

Out of pure curiosity, I wonder how frequently each of the 12 tenses is used in the written English language. I only found a passing remark, that Present Simple, Past Simple, and Present Perfect ...
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A dictionary that gives usage frequencies for each meaning of a phrase and word

Is there a dictionary (preferably on-line) that would offer usage frequency information for each possible meaning of a word or phrase? I mean more detailed than the usual marking of some meanings (...
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