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Could I use several frontings in fronting? [closed]

The technician it was. Above mentioned one fronting. Applying another two frontings to this text results in Technician the was it. Is the last sentence correct?
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"Everything you bought I had already bought before."

An example of topicalization ( = fronting) from (1a) I won't eat that pizza. — without fronting (1b) That pizza, I won't eat. — with fronting My own example: John and Tom are going ...
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Why can't I grammatically repeat the object with the pronoun "it"?

Someone told me that this sentence is wrong grammatically: Where is the calculator that I lent it to you yesterday? I've read the feedbacks from many people that I shouldn't include "it", ...
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invincible, he has become

a. Invincible, he is. b. Invincible, he has become. Are the above sentences both grammatically correct? I know they are not particularly natural. I think they can be used in certain contexts for ...
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Is there a rule for using adverbial clauses/phrases directly after conjunctions?

I went to the park because I needed to clear my head, and when it was morning, I returned home. In this sentence, we see two subordinate clauses and two independent clauses. The two subordinate ...
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Can a subordinate clause be fronted in a 'that' clause?

He knew that when the sun set, he would see the moon rise. Here we have a 'that' clause (a type of noun clause) acting as a matrix clause (as clauses can). In this example, the addition of a fronted ...
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Changing word order in a sentence

'With no man more than Pope are such personal considerations relevant and cogent.' -History of English Literature, by Edward Albert Why are is used prior to the subject 'such personal constructions ...
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Inversion in interrogative questions

In indirect questions, the so-called penthouse principle disallows Subject-AV inversion. Thus, Cathy wonders what did Sam eat. (Incorrect) Cathy wonders what Sam ate. (Correct) What is the rule for ...
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Fronting? "poor standards of maintenance they could take..."

Please take a thorough look at the sentence below: Low costs of air trips might entice plane manufacturers to commercialize them. In other words, they could take poor standards of maintenance an ...
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Is a fronted phrase describing a state of mind a "fronted adverbial"?

My son's learning about fronted adverbials at school (at the age of 11). When he goes to write one, he generally comes up with things like this (when asked to do a sentence for a picture with a car in ...
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"in" or "for" as indicators of time in sentences with fronted objects

Which preposition is correct? These pictures she painted for a month. These pictures she painted in a month.
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Why does this sentence use "attack we will" instead of "we will attack" ?

Today I saw on a TV the talk given by the president Trump. He said something like this: "I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will." I do understand the meaning of the ...
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"Starting sentences with Adjectives "

I was reading an article on modifiers [citation needed], but some of the sentences confused me. 1) Slender and graceful, her eyes filling with tears, Brenda completed her skating routine, her long ...
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Is the word "there" an adjective in this sentence

CONTEXT: I can't find my ring. Oh, there it is. Is the word "there" an adjective in the sentence above? or is it a pronoun? For me it looks like the word "it" is the pronoun, but I'm not ...
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only when qualities outweigh the dangers does

I am confused when analysing the sentence below, especially the grammatical structure. He emphasized that only when the positive qualities outweigh the dangers does healthy psychosocial development ...
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Putting the verb in the beginning of the sentence to emphasize it

Gone are the hardware concerns of A, yet with B, you control the application. Is it that kind of a construction when to emphasize a term you put it in the beginning of the sentence and put the verb ...
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