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What is the difference between 'than you need' and 'than what you need'?

Please give the seats to the ones who need them more than you do. I considered it writing as Please give the food to the ones who need them more than what you do/need. How the presence of 'what' ...
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Demonstrative Pronoun + noun

Probably this question is too imbecile but I need to ask: If a pronoun replaces a noun why in English language this, that, these, those are called 'pronouns' when they are used + a noun? I ...
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Should I use "none" or "no one" in the following sentence?

I didn't know much about him---just that he was the president of this weird club my classmates were talking about but that none/no one wanted to join. My instinct says none, but no one has more ...
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"My pet's body size is like that of a rabbit" - or "like that of a rabbit's"? May we use the double possessive?

My pet's body size is like that of a rabbit's. My pet's body size is like that of a rabbit. Which is correct?
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Being chosen, however, is probably not enough, passive voice?

May this get discerned passive voice? Being chosen, however, is probably not enough. Being, a participle verb, that goes to a gerund noun phrase Being chosen (and this may customarily seem [a ...
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How to decompose/parse 'in which + noun'?

A sixth group that I joined consisted of women who made embroidered pictures and lived in a working-class neighborhood in Maud, in south-eastern Santiago, that was slightly too well-off to be called a ...
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"I need more" - is "more" a noun or an adverb?

There's More to Life Than This I Need More. What do you think about the word "more" in these two sentences ? 1 look like noun and 2 adverb to me.
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Does 'precious little' take more than one function?

"You can't blame them," said Dumbledore gently. "We've had precious little to celebrate for eleven years." (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) There's precious little left. (...
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