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Type/Name of comma

Last month the science museum was opened, giving an insight into traditionally secret world of scientist. What is the type/name of the comma above? (The one before 'giving')
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Comma instead of an and?

The following passage is from a BBC news article. Prescription pill abuse is taking off in Sudan's conservative society, partly because it lacks the social stigma and pungent, giveaway odour of ...
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Grammaticality: 'Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something'

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something — Plato I didn't understand this quote. How do you understand this? Shouldn't there be a verb after 'fools'?...
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Where is the corresponding gap in a relative clause?

But I would be interested to read what others have to say on this. Where is the corresponding gap in the relative clause located? But I would be interested to read what others have to say___ on ...
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How to avoid repeating the same verb to avoid redundance

In my point of view, skipping the same verb in one sentence makes it more poetry-like and native. Here is my phrase: The sky is your limit and the sea is your birth place. Could it be modified ...
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Omission of auxiliary verb

I was reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and then I happened to notice something like this: The mountains around the school became icy grey and the lake like chilled steel. I ...
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Can I omit "is" in the following way of presenting list items?

The first item I drop into my shopping basket is a mayonnaise tuna rice ball. The second (is) a cup of instant noodles. The third (is) a can of dry beer. Can I drop the two last isses? Why or why ...
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Can the auxiliary verbs be optional sometimes?

His son was smart and his daughter intelligent. His son was smart and his daughter was intelligent. This website has been shut down and its name turned over by court order. This website ...
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Ellipsis scheme

Is it grammatical to write The highest score was 10, the lowest 2, and the median 5 or, particularly in a formal context, the implied verbs should be included, yielding the following (awkward?): ...
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2 answers

Why doesn't the clause "....and reputation its shadow" need a verb?

The clause "reputation its shadow" in "Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow" has no verb, but is still correct. Please kindly tell me the grammar point used here!
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Omission of "be verb"

A wettable surface may be termed hydrophilic, and non-wettable surface may be termed hydrophobic. Can I rewrite this sentence in the following way? A wettable surface may be termed hydrophilic, and ...
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Repeat "let" and/or "be"? Example: Let A be a line and (let?) B (be?) a plane

While fixing my notation in a research article, I want to write something like this: Let A be a line and (let) B (be) a plane. Question: Do I have to write the second let and be or can I omit one ...
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Compound sentence takes both auxiliary verb and principal verb

He has not married and will not marry in near future. She is intelligent but her sister dull. Both are compound sentences. But in both cases the usage of verb is different. Why we have not used is ...
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In "Approval was given, and Ju's art displayed." how can the transitive verb 'display' be used without an object?

I have read a sentence like that from a magazine: "Approval was given, and Ju's art displayed." Since the word display is a transitive verb, how can it be used like this without an object?
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What is the meaning of "the sun a coin"?

Cavendish is hollow-faced and hollow-eyed when he throws him on to a fresh horse at first light. ‘Call in some favours. There's hardly a gentleman in the realm that doesn't owe my lord cardinal ...
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semicolon vs conjunction "and"?

Does using a semicolon to join two clauses form a coordinate construction with two clauses coordinated and is it the same as with "and" and are such sentences interchangeable ? And can we omit words(...
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Is a verb omitted in the second independent clause?

The basic task of the court is to ascertain and give effect to the true meaning of what Parliament has said in the enactment to be construed. But that is not to say that attention should be ...
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