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Questions tagged [genitive-construction]

this is tag is for questions about genitive constructions such as possessive s'.

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“Chemical toxicity" or "Chemical's toxicity”?

When is it chemical toxicity or chemical's toxicity? I think both words mean the same. Is there any difference between them? For example, From studies in animals, however, it became clear that the ...
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What is the difference between "pack of dogs", "dogs' pack" and "dog pack"? ... "pack of dogs" is similar, but not identical in meaning to ... "dogs' pack" (and neither of these is entirely interchangeable with "dog pack" ... ). ...
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Proper genitive on a names with pre-existing genitive as a name

I have a special case that I can't tell how to cover using the generally googlable rules. There was a person called Thyrén. He created a company and named it after himself. Now, that's been done long ...
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"The dog ate one of the boys’ breakfast."

Is this correct ? "The dog ate one of the boys’ breakfast." My other way to say that is: "The dog ate the breakfast of one of the boys." I guess the 2nd is correct.
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actors' or actor's?

Following text excerpt: …it would have been important to work with real-life photographs of the actors' faces and to… Is actors', in this case, correct? – Or should it be: …it would have been ...
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Should it be "bachelor's program" or "bachelor program"?

I know it should be written "bachelor's degree", but what a study program that leads students to a bachelor's degree? Should it be "bachelor's program" or "bachelor program&...
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"I'm a Holmes' apprentice." Is this English correct?

This panel is from a popular Japanese manga "Detective Conan" (a.k.a. "Case Closed" in English-speaking nations). The protagonist, Conan, shouts "I'm a Holmes' apprentice!!&...
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When is it possible to replace "of genitive" structure with prenominal modification?

As far as I know, many phrases consisting of "of genitive" structure can be replaced with phrases involving nouns modified by attributive nouns, for example, member of community → community ...
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Genitive 'of' phrase

1.Roxie is the dog of my girlfriend. 2.Roxie is a dog of my girlfriend's. I was reading about Genitive 'of' phrases where I found these two sentences in examples. I can't understand why 's is added in ...
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'Saxon genitives' and 'of genitive'

Consider the following expression: The book's page Which of the following rewording expresses the above mentioned phrase correctly and in which contexts? A page of the book The page of the book ...
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Classifying genitive

‎Can we use genitive constructions in sentences like this: The cat loved Jill with all his cat's heart; ...or should it be "with all his cat heart"? Thank you!
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1 answer

A Turing machine x The Turing machine, articles in scientific concepts and tools

I would like to understand why sometimes the indefinite article is used, I thought that the whole name, the concept is "the Turing machine". In texts, I often see it used as a regular noun (the first ...
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Should it be bachelor programme, bachelor's programme, bachelor program... or what?

Which of the following is/are correct: 1 a bachelor's programme 2 a bachelor's program 3 a bachelorprogram 4 a bachelor programme 5 a bachelor program Personally I'd go with (1) or possibly (4), ...
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Can you omit the noun after the adjective 'own' that follows the genitive of an NP?

a. The opposition party approves of the policy, but the president's own party doesn't. Can you omit the noun 'party' like this? b. The opposition party approves of the policy, but the president's ...
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Why we write "Ferguson Case" instead of "Ferguson's case"

Since Ferguson is a city in Missouri, why don't we use saxon genitive to indicate that the riots that took place there "belong" to the city? We could refer to the city with a possesive pronoun: "...
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"heart function" or "heart's function"

What's the correct genitive construction of heart and function? Should it be "heart's function" or "heart function"? For instance: "The heart function is to supply blood to whole body." or "...
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