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This tag is for questions about gradable adjectives (synthetic and analytic) that have the suffix of -er or -est, or a prefix "more" and "most".

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How do native English people know what is a gradable adjective?

Sphenoid: of, relating to, or being a winged compound bone of the base of the cranium I found out we cannot say “this alien is very sphenoid” (this alien has lots of sphenoid bones). Rainy: marked ...
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"Your job is more easy than mine" – is the comparative formed properly?

This post talks about the difference between easier and more easily, which inspired me another expression Your job is more easy than mine is this a proper expression? I guess it is grammatical but ...
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Which of the meanings of the adjective "mean" can have comparison or superlativeness?

Of of the gradable (synthetic) adjectives (adjective that have suffix of "-er" or "-est") is mean > meaner > meanest). Now looking at the dictionary, shows 7 meanings for this adjective! Adjective:...
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