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Questions tagged [image-identification]

Used to ask for help determining a word that matches an image. Please use a clear image and be specific about what part you are asking for an identification of.

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Opposite "side" of a hose?

When I want to describe the side(?) of a hose or any other round object, what is the appropriate word for it? For example, when there is one drilled hole in a hose and I want someone to cut the ...
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What is a balcony on the top floor or the rooftop of a building called?

I know a room or an apartment on the top floor or on the rooftop can be called an attic or a penthouse depending on the room or the apartment. I wonder what a balcony on the rooftop or on the top ...
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What does “plate” mean in the context of building?

per Cambridge, plate means a flat piece of something that is hard and does not bend so, when talking about brick wall, plate layout means a flat piece of bricks, shown like the following image (...
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technical name of the small part from a large panel

I am not native and are writing an essay, I am trying my best to use the appropriate word to describe the product, could I call the small red circled one tab? or fragment I are not sure the precise ...
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Are these three structures pavilions in American and Canadian English?

Are these three structures pavilions in American and Canadian English?
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