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Questions tagged [imperative-sentences]

For questions about sentences use to give instructions, orders, or commands. For example "Sit down!" or "Do not leave your luggage unattended."

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2 answers

Imperative sentence and the following tag question

If the main sentence is an imperative sentence, such as, "Do it at once," Grammatically speaking, should the tag question that follows the imperative sentence be "will you?" or "won't you?" not "...
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3 answers

Imperative in reported speech

I've been told that I should use simple past in reported speech when the direct speech is in simple present such as I **am** the best ~> He said he **was** the best but what happens for ...
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20 votes
5 answers

Why isn’t the third person singular used in “The Lord bless you”?

I saw the following statement within the Longman Dictionary: The Lord bless you and keep you. But I think it should be like below: The Lord blesses you and keeps you. Because The Lord is a single ...
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'Make it happen' or 'make it happens'

We use the phrase make it happen. But why don't we use happens since it has the third-person pronoun it? Why not Make it happens
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What is "No parking" short for?

I am studying in the imperative sentence and I wonder what "No parking" is short for.I also want to get more comprehensive material of the imperative sentence.
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affirmative imperative + "will you?"

Now and then I come across an "affirmative imperative + will you?" construction where, I suspect, the speaker seems to be telling someone NOT to do something or censuring him/her for doing so, as ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Don't let's wait / Let's not wait / Let's don't wait

I was reading a book today and I got confused by the sentence 'Don't let's wait.' Don't let's wait? Is it correct to say this? I have seen sentences like: Let's wait. ... and I found lots of ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Go to play VS go play

Please check both sentences and let me know which one is correct. You can't just order your children to go play while you watch TV. vs. You can't just order your children to go to play while ...
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2 answers

Use of be+infinitive in different meanings

I know that be + infinitive is used for order, instruction and plan but some of the example sentences are confusing to me they are: I'm to go now. ( what's the meaning of this sentence ?) Mr ...
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