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Questions tagged [imperative-sentences]

For questions about sentences use to give instructions, orders, or commands. For example "Sit down!" or "Do not leave your luggage unattended."

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Colloquial Imperative

From time to time I can hear native speakers talk in this way, say, "I will have somebody fix this up." While I realize there exist contexts where the sentence is equal in meaning to the sentence "I ...
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Sail to discover those magic islands

Sail to discover those magic islands Sail - here it means, travel by ship on or across (a sea). How grammatical the use of the word "sail" here? (even if we think little poetically)
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Go to play VS go play

Please check both sentences and let me know which one is correct. You can't just order your children to go play while you watch TV. vs. You can't just order your children to go to play while ...
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Please do call me vs. Please call me

Which one is correct? Which of the following statements is grammatically correct, and why? Please! Do call me. Please! Call me. And, If someone asks you: "Will you call me?" What should I say? Which ...
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What is "No parking" short for?

I am studying in the imperative sentence and I wonder what "No parking" is short for.I also want to get more comprehensive material of the imperative sentence.
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where is the subject?

I have this sentence : Today's lecture will spark a lot of discussion, and I just want to let you know that I welcome it, so please feel free to jump in. I have three questions: Where is the ...
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