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Questions tagged [initialisms]

An initialism is an abbreviated form of multiple words using the initial letters of those words, but is pronounced by enunciating each letter singly (for example, USDA or UN).

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What is "`CUSTOMER SVC`" in fully spelled out English? [closed]

It is difficult to use machine translation in order to translate abbreviations from English to Spanish when the words are not spelled correctly. What is "CUSTOMER SVC" in fully spelled out ...
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What is "ASST DEPT" in fully spelled out English?

It is difficult to use machine translation in order to translate abbreviations from English to Spanish when the words are not spelled correctly. What is ASST DEPT fully spelled out orthographically ...
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an sp³ carbon or a sp³ carbon?

It is a chemical term used to denote the hybridization of an atom. It is an initialism of "s orbital and p orbital" to get "sp". "sp" starts with a consonant letter so ...
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Why didn't we pluralize the abbreviated form in the sentence below in spite of the non-abbreviated form being pluralized?

Of the nine traction power sub-stations (TPSS), five shall be equipped with four DC feeders and four shall be equipped with six DC feeders. the above sentence is an example in the book ' Writing in ...
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How do I find out if something is an initialism or an acronym?

How do I find out if an abbreviation is an initialism, which means I need to put "the" before it, or an acronym, for which I don't need to? (If I don't know how it is pronounced)
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An SNL skit or a SNL skit? [duplicate]

An SNL skit or a SNL skit? I am pretty sure it's "an", but I wasn't exactly sure, because I was news articles use "a" instead.
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"The BBC" or BBC (without the)

When often hear on TV, such as "This is CNN" or "This is BBC World". There is no "THE" before the name of the TV. So far so good. However, I have recently been listening to some scientific panel ...
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Should I use "a" or "an" when I abbreviate a word?

Taking notes, I was going to write this: therefore p′ is a shortest path. But the topic is APSP which stands for "all pairs shortest paths" so I decided to just write SP instead and... Is it ...
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What if an abbreviation is formed of different letters, not the first letters

I have encountered a very confusing abbreviation form. ex) an electrical vehicle charging apparatus (EVSE). I've searched on Google and have found out that the EVSE stands for "electrical vehicle ...
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initialisms‎ vs acronyms vs abbreviations [closed]

What is the difference between these initialisms‎ vs acronyms vs abbreviations? As I understand from SO: initialisms‎ are like BOA,USA(i.e. letter by letter). acronyms are like NASA, AIDS(i.e. ...
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What does POPs mean here?

I am reading a post about network, I don't know what "POPs" mean here: Our big, global, managed DNS network — the one most of our customers use — is spread across six continents and 17 POPs (with ...
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What is the meaning of MRS in foreign trade context?

I failed to find a relevant meaning for MRS over the Internet as used in the following context: Purchase Order .... Delivery Terms: On X site including truck packing and in accordance with ...
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How do you read ISO numbers?

I came across an ISO, say ISO 12345:78, and wondered what is the way to pronunce it: For the ISO part, should I say... "ei" "es" "ou"? or "aiso"? For the ...
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Where I put Initial?

What is first name,last name and middle name? I have Big confusion.. Eg: S.Dhanam Here Dhanam is a girl name Her father name Suresh. How to Solve it?
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Is "SNS" (Social Networking Site) used by native speakers of English?

The acronym "SNS" (Social Networking Site) is made up of three English words, so it looks like it's English. But is the acronym "SNS" (Social Networking Site) a "real" English acronym used in English ...
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why no article before G.D.P.?

A quote from NY Times: For the first quarter, the bureau now says G.D.P. grew at a 1.1 percent rate — after a series of reductions from its initial estimate of 2.5 percent. Why is there no ...
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Articles in front of acronyms

I write a scientific text where I use my own acronyms as it is required by a publisher for saving word counts (I think). I have a problem with articles. Should I use them before the acronyms or should ...
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