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Unconventional English usage usually found on the web, in chatrooms, short text messages, and so on.

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What do internet-constructions like "Me seeing real couples" mean?

I often see a lot of people on the internet using such constructions: Me seeing real couples. It's incorrect grammar but I don't know why they use it so much. What exactly does it mean? Can someone ...
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What do "At the top" and "With the letter U" mean in this reddit poll?

The Poll asks: In a list of countries, where do you think the United States should go? With only two options: At the top With the letter "U" What do the two options mean? There are 300 ...
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What is the meaning of "tight" as in "This website is tight"? [closed]

I saw the sentence in a fraternity guestbook on the internet, but can't find what "tight" means. Specifically, when it describes a website or web page. I looked in my dictionary, and found ...
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What do you think of the sentence "Hey there, early bird!"?

English is my second language and the phrase hey there, early bird! doesn't feel alright (I think that it is wrong). The text below is just for context. Hey there, early bird! is ...
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"Bop the fizz" - what's the meaning?

What is the meaning of "bop the fizz" in this sentence? What kind of question is it? "hey who wants to go for lunch?" is a different question from "hey could you bop the fizz for Bigclient?" The ...
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8 answers

How is "pwned" pronounced, and what does it mean?

Following the new Troy Hunt web site,, I'm curious to know exactly what it means and how to pronounce it. Since it seems there are many jokes about it, I don't want to make ...
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6 answers

'Haha' over 'lol' -Do natives consider 'hahaha' as an offensive gesture?

Most of the times, I don't lol. Yes, there's no loudness in my laugh at all. And, 'lol' is probably used by everyone on the Internet/mobile even though when they laugh little. 'lol' is also used when ...
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4 answers

Is there a word/slang for 'keyboarder' - irresponsible internet critics

In Mandarin Chinese there is an internet slang, literally keyboarder, which refers to people (especially internet users) who express a lot of groundless and irresponsible opinions but disguised as ...
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How does a "parent" generate a "sister"?

Forgive my ignorance, but I am still a newbie on these matters. A parent site is a website, and it is synonymous with a main site, correct? Whereas a sister site is a site closely related to a ...
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2 answers

Whether "illiteracy" is rude or impoliteness internet user name?

I want the "illiteracy" name say I'm an English illiteracy in other words Maybe I'm lack English skills to accurate express and understand, but some people say: And... please, change your name... ...
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Would you or do you happen to

So I found examples of both 'would you' and 'do you' before the phrase 'happen to'. Do you happen to have... Would you happen to know... Are they interchangeable? Please explain the differences. ...
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2 answers

What does "wading" mean in the context of technology?

I was at a English lecture when this word came out and the teacher didn't know the meaning. In addition I did a small online research but I didn't find a clear solution. I cannot show you the word in ...
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7 answers

Why are nice picture/gif/video about foo called "foo-porn"?

I was browsing Reddit and I discovered many subreddits named after foo-porn, to name just a few: /r/EarthPorn /r/FoodPorn /r/Map_Porn /r/ruralporn /r/shockwaveporn /r/SkyPorn /r/unixporn It seems ...
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Admins, staff, and ? users of a website

The word "admin" refers to somebody who can do everything at our site, "staff" refers to staff of our company which are not necessarily admins. We sell services (parts of our site) to organizations. ...
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2 answers

Etiquette for mixing name and initial

In emails and on the internet, sometimes people write signature with full first name and last initial, sometimes first initial and full last name. Is there any difference between the two or is it ...
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What does "dat 14s drop" mean?

I've found this expression on the Natural Selection 2 fanpage:
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Is the sentence "How is <name>" localised to game-specific forums?

I keep seeing people say "How is X", where X is the name of a game or a band. I think the implied question is about the entertainment quality of the thing in question, e.g. "Do you find this game fun?"...