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Questions tagged [jargon]

For questions relating to domain specific words that are not used outside of a narrow field, industry, or context.

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"A backslash escapes the following character" meaning [closed]

Any character that appears in a pattern, other than the special pattern character described below, matches itself. The NUL character may not occur in a pattern. A backslash escapes the following ...
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Is the phrase “target improvement” commonly known and used?

In my spare time, I prep Italian teenagers for English language exams and recently I have been reading essays, articles, reviews, and informal emails that have been generated by ChatGPT. I let the ...
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What is "7k run"? [closed]

What is "7k run"? I didn't find any sense in a respective dictionary entry that would match the context This is the text, My work day: 4am start, 7k run and cold showers
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How to understand "I'm calling it a push"?

I'm reading the book Working Backwards recently and got a little confused with the sentences below: I told him I’d played two weeks earlier at the local park with my buddy John. “So you have me beat ...
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Score related jargon in sports [closed]

I recently discovered that in the sport of tennis, a score of "0" is pronounced "love". I have a few questions related to this discovery! Is it common for different sports to ...
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What are the combinations of ch, sh, th, wh, ph called in the professional literature jargon?

What are the combinations of the consonants ch, sh, th, wh, ph called in the professional literature jargon? (I'm asking about the consonants that are represented by two letters).
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What is 'summary execution'?

While reading this blog, I could not find the meaning of 'summary execution'. When I tried to find the meaning of this phrase, I got the phrases like 'summary judgement', and 'summary proceeding'. ...
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cash register 'out of balance'

What does it mean when a cash register is out of balance? I cannot seem to find "out of balance" in dictionaries. Could it be a technical jargon?
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Buttoned To The Top

I have a question about this: She was wearing slim black pants, black boots and a snug white blazer over an oxford shirt buttoned to the neck. Is "buttoned to the <something>" a ...
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