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How can I tell whether "c" should be pronounced like "s" or like "k"?

How can I tell whether "c" should be pronounced "s" or "k"? I always get confused and pronounce it like "s" because it looks like russian "с".
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Why do dictionaries write /p/ instead of /pʰ/ for 'pie' in the ipa?

Prompted by this question: The pronunciations of letter "P" in "explain, explore, explode" and in "expensive, expand" My question is that if English has two kinds of Ps (...
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Why does 'g' sometimes read as 'j'?

Most words with 'g' read as 'g' Geek Goose Goods Goal But sometimes 'g' reads as 'j' Gymnastics Genesis Genius Genetic And in the middle of a sentence, compare: Log Logistics Or Frag Fragile
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Referring to letters of the alphabet

In Italian, letters can be referred to using their noun. For example, when speaking of the letter M, I could say La lettera emme è l'undicesima lettera dell'alfabeto italiano. (that is, "M is the 11th ...
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How is “X” pronounced in English?

The letter x can sound (most often) like [gz] and [ks]: [gz] in words like exam, exactly. [ks] in word like extra, hexagon, etc. I have found that x is pronounced [gz] whenever it’s in or before the ...
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How to identify the correct pronunciation for letter "g" before "i" or "e"

It's really confusing when to be sure if the letter g is to be pronounced like giraffe or like girl. Both are followed by i. So how can we know the difference? On the other hand, we have gender and ...
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The pronunciation of the article "a"?

The word "a" has two pronunciations: (aa) when the mouth is widely opened and (ei) when the mouth is not wide open. I just want to know the difference between them. People have asked questions like ...
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