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How to memorize effectively. Don't ask which words you should memorize.

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Must I memorize whether a verb has reflexive meaning or not?

Dictionaries say that for example "open" (without reflexive pronouns) has both meanings (reflexive and not), but "study" (without reflexive pronouns) has only reflexive meaning. Is ...
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Do Native Speakers Learn Vocabulary by Active Memorization in Order to Understand More Challenging Texts?

I am an English Teacher in China, and recently I've heard more and more parents and students in China complaining about word memorization when learning English. They feel that kids would be more ...
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Flashcards: only forward or forward and reverse? [closed]

I've been trying do acquire more vocabulary. To do so, I've been reading everyday on my cellphone, highlighting new words and sharing them into a flashcard app. The app allows me to create one-way or ...
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Is there an easy way to learn the month names in English? [closed]

I can't memorize and repeat quickly the month names in English even though I've been studying English. I'd like to know if there are some ways or maybe a strategy to learn the month names in English.
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Improving reading skills [closed]

I am big fan of Sherlock Holmes and I watched all Tv series and movies. Also I want to read all Sherlock Holmes stories in English. I need to improve my reading skills and expand my vocabulary. So I ...
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Is it a better way to memorize the definition of an English word by English or Chinese?

I'm a Chinese student and I'm planning to study in the United State when I graduate from my high school. Recently, my friend asked me an interesting question which ultimately become the title of ...
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Is "memrise" approach good for memorizing English words?

There's a website called memrise for memorizing English words form various English books, like 504 essential words, 3500 for GRE, etc (I don't know you're familiar with or not). I want to broaden my ...
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How many vocabulary words should I learn every day? [closed]

I am trying to learn new words but pronunciation is difficult. I try to learn new words, but by the next morning I have forgotten what they were and I have to start over again. How many new words ...
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How to memorize 5500 English words within the shortest time?

I am considering to appear for GRE. For this purpose, I have bought a vocabulary book containing 5500 words. It must be mentioned that I work 12 hours per day and thus I have limited free time. My ...
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