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"She might have been living there for 8 years" = "Perhaps she has been living there for 8 years"?

"She might have been living there for 8 years" "Perhaps she has been living there for 8 years" Do these two sentences have the same meaning?
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Might and might have in the past

I thought it might help her. Why "might" and not "might have" since it's about the past?
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“Some people may/ might/ will consider that snide”

In a talk show with the topic: How to discover your authentic self – at any age. The speaker starts her speech like this: I am a late bloomer. In fact, a friend of mine you may have heard of – Chris ...
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"He might have gone to school" to refer both present and past

Suppose my friend and I come to his house and I ask him "Where is your brother?" He replies, He might have gone to school. Let's think of another situation again. I come to my friend's ...
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Might or may for things that didn't happen

Collins dictionary says you can only use might or could in this situation- when something didn't happen but you think it could have. So, sentence 1 is right and sentence 2 is wrong. `If he hadn't ...
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What is the tense of "might" in "I might go to the market"?

Let's look at the sentence: I might go to the market. We know that 'might' is the past form of 'may'. Also might is used to describe possibility in the present. Then what does the above sentence refer ...
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