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What's the meaning of "telltale" and "pitch" in this context?

I'm reading this American novel, set in a dystopian future after a global economic crisis. The two main characters encounter a military Hummer vehicle. The vehicle passes by and I read this sentence ...
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In 1881, what would a British Army Captain have meant by a "presumption" when reporting to his Major General?

I don't understand this dialog at 1:24 in the 1968 movie Majuba between Major General Sir George Pomeroy Colley and (as he then was) Captain Ian Hamilton. I'm not British or military. I know the UK ...
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8 answers

What does "the brass" mean, exactly, in military context?

In books by many different authors I encountered phrases like this: He curses the brass for not caring whether he lives or dies. From context, it seemed to me that it meant high-rank officers, ...
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What is meant by the verb 'to class' (used in a military context)?

I read this in an article about Captain Tom Moore: WO1 Jamie Pearson, Regimental Sergeant Major of 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, congratulated Tom as he watched him cross the finish line. ...
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Meaning of “short"

In the end of the movie Full Metal Jacket, a person name Joker was saying: I am happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. What does short mean here?
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Military slang: colors instead of flag

Where does this come from? Why do soldiers talk about their color(s?) instead of their flag (like in capture the flag).
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Deconflict/deconfliction: scope, register, casual use?

This is about the (historically recent) use of deconflict/deconfliction. Out of the Collins, AHDotEL, Cambridge, M.-Webster,, Longman, TFD, Etymonline and ODO, only the last one has it1:...
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2 answers

Military order to execute instructions issued so far

What is the common phrase in military, ordering the soldiers to get to work - start executing instructions issued? Say, a civilian (expert) is presenting tasks that need to be completed in detail. ...
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2 answers

Meaning of military terms in the game

The following dialogue is taken from the subtitles in the first-person shooter video game -- Crysis Warhead: SIERRA 1: Command, Sierra lead, bearing 270, angels 7, target is 16 and closing. ...
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2 answers

Usages of "up" in the context of military dialogues

The following two dialogues are taken from the subtitles in the famous first-person shooter video game -- Crysis: Strickland: Team Idaho, this is command, we’re pushing up the valley all the way ...