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A mnemonic is a device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering.

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How to memories El Niño and La Niña?

Any mnemonics or tips on how to not mix up these two words? El Niño and La Niña Do natives easily remember what is each?
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There are many exceptions for the mnemonic rule of thumb "i before e except after c" but have any new attempts arrived at any new rule?

Per title, there are many exceptions for the mnemonic rule of thumb "i before e except after c". Have any new attempts arrived at any new rule? For example, compile all the cases of a ...
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How to avoid the spelling mistake of Android vs Andorid?

Most of the time when I'm trying to write the word Android, I get the confusion about it's spelling, like will it be Andorid or Android. So most of the time I was written wrong spelling. To overcome ...
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Please check the mnemonic rhyme for adjectives

According to the English grammar, the adjectives between article and noun should be in order: opinion size shape condition age color pattern origin material purpose In order to remember this, I ...
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Mnemonics for learning the days of the week

I can't memorize and repeat quickly the days of the week even though I studied English for several years (I always need to count with my fingers). How are the name of the days taught to children? Is ...
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Mnemonic for remembering the difference between 'while' and 'until'?

My mother almost consistently uses "while" when she means "until", and vice versa. (This is because in her native language, those are the same word.) Obviously, I can't simply tell her, "whichever ...
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I before E- A good rule or not?

Everyone learns the I before E except after C or as sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh. But as an English Learner, how much trouble can you get into with this rule? What else do you have ...
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"Its" and "it's" - how to remember?

What is a good mnemonic rule that an English learner can use to remember the difference between its (possessive adjective: a team has started its lunch) and it's (verb: it's raining)?
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Is there a mnemonic that helps remembering when I should use "hate," and when "ate"?

Being an Italian native speaker, I sometimes write ate when I should have written hate, and vice versa. Is there a mnemonic I could use to remember when I should write ate, and when hate?
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How can I make use of mnemonics? [closed]

During self-study, especially English, I occasionally see suggestions that include mnemonic rules. I understand they can help me with studying, but I don't get these ideas. Here's a typical example: ...
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How can I remember the difference between "lay" and "laid"? [closed]

I often confuse lay and laid. For instance, in selecting the appropriate word in these contexts: She lay/laid a hand on his arm. He lay/laid across the bench lazily. We lay/laid down our ...
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How can I remember the difference between "loose" and "lose"?

Although both words can be found in dictionaries, I'm constantly forgetting which one is which. Are there any mnemonic rules that would help me remembering them?
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