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Questions tagged [obituaries]

For grammatical features that are normal in obituaries, but not normal in other kinds of speech or writing. Obituaries are brief formal biographies of people who have recently died.

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Lived/used to live/would live

In news paper specially for dead person they use lived. E.g. He lived in xyz city and employed with xyz company If I use usedd to live or would live then does this change the meaning of the ...
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What do we call "Sad Demise [of someone]" in a newspaper? An Advertisement?

Most of the dictionaries define the word 'advertisement' as an arrangement of picture/video/audio or whatever to promote product/service/person. You see the word 'promotion' there. Now, the ...
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the usage of dies instead of died Saudi King Abdullah dies aged 90 I can't understand why in the above sentence there is "dies" instead of "died". about that ...
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What the word 'great' serves as in 'Hollywood great Rooney dies at 93' (BBC)?

The headlines from the BBC Hollywood great Rooney dies at 93 What is that word 'great' there? Can adjective be used this way? Or is it noun there? But then two nouns? Or Hollywood becomes ...
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Why is there no determiner before wife?

Ken was one of nine children of Patrick William Jubb and wife Mary Alice (nee Finlayson). (The Age) There’s no determiner like ‘his’ in front of ‘wife.’ Did the paper miss it or is it a possible ...
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