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Articles before noun adjuncts

A Marxist book, an anarchist's guide, attacks on the institution of the family, songs celebrating illegal drugs, films and television plays celebrating physical violence, or showing crime as ...
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You cannot use a pronoun and 'be' after an adjunct

Page 554 of Collins English Usage reads You cannot use a pronoun and 'be' after an adjunct: ✳At the top of the steps it was. You say it was at the top. Why is it so? Does this apply to other ...
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Adjuncts in front position: Do they provide the reason behind the main clause's action?

I'm having an argument with a friend about the role of predicative adjuncts in front position and whether they modify the reason behind the action in the main clause. Examples: "Tired and sleepy, she ...
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"Literary feel" of writing

I read on the British Council website how to transform the following sentence into another structure. The original sentence was: Soaked to the skin, we eventually reached the station. This was ...
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