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For questions about contrasting uses of the simple present and the present perfect.

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'Is' vs 'has been' [closed]

"It is/has been 40 years since I left college" Which one of 'is' and 'has been' should be preferred in above sentence and why?
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"since" and the tense in the main clause

School grammar says the tense /aspect of the main clause is the present or past perfect if the subordinate clause or phrase begins with since. That said, what do you think about the acceptability of ...
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He has asked for my number/ he asked for my number

Today my teacher told me that when there are two girls having a conversation the only correct version is: This guy is so hot! He even asked for my telephone number! While I think that version ...
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What is the grammatical difference between: "that he borrowed" and "that he has borrowed?

What is the difference in grammar and meaning between these two sentences? 1: The book that he borrowed is in his room. 2: The book that he has borrowed is in his room. I personally think, ...
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He {speaks/has spoken} German since a long time

If a non-native speaker was to say He speaks German since a long time. How would you correct the sentence and what tense would you say he is trying to speak in?
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"Has taken" or "takes"? "Are feeling" or "feel"?

People whose health (has taken / takes) a turn to for the worse should not drink. Personally I think it is more suitable to use 'has taken' because this means that the people are ill or unhealthy now,...
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Some questions about the verb - "keep"

I would like to ask you: 1) Is it OK to use "KEEP" in the PRESENT PERFECT I have kept knocking on the door for 3 minutes now. 2) Is it OK to use "KEEP" in the PRESENT SIMPLE in this context Two ...
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Canonical Post #2: What is the perfect, and how should I use it?

This is a Canonical Post, intended as a reference and resource for both Questioners and Answerers. The English “perfect” is deeply puzzling for learners. Nearly one Question in every twenty here asks ...
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"Is not being" vs. "has not being"

BBC channel is not being broadcast in our area for a year ago. BBC channel has not being broadcasted in our area for a year ago. Which one is grammatical? Depending upon time span I think number ...
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