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Prosody is the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech.

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Why did he reject my thank you?

I know "No, thank you" means rejection. Me: Hey, Bob. You want some drink? Bob: No, thank you. But I was involved with this kind of conversation Me: Thanks, Mr Jordan for teaching me. Mr....
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How to Improve Intonation?

Anyone who has successfully improved intonation in a non-native environment? I consider myself as an expert of English grammar as well as when it comes expressing myself in speaking. At least that is ...
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How would different verbal emphasis in spoken English change the meaning of these sentences?

What is the meaning of verbal emphasis in Spoken English? For example, the difference between the following three sentences and how emphasis changes the semantics? I love you. I love you. I love you....
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When we read a sentence, how should we pause?

When we read a sentence, how should we pause? Is there any standard? I pause the sentences below with each /, and I wonder whether it is right. Welcome / to the VOA Learning English program. This ...
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Intonation difference between restrictive and nonrestrictive relative clauses

He had four sons who became doctors. He had four sons, who became doctors. Is there any difference in intonation between restrictive and nonrestrictive relative clauses?
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